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Key Criteria For Installing Security Systems In Retail Stores

Retail store security systems are a critical component of retail store operation. Electronic security systems protect customers, employees, assets, and the store(s). In this blog we will discuss the key criteria for installing security systems in retail stores.

What Are the Main Security Challenges of Retail Stores?

Retail and department stores face many security challenges that can be overcome or greatly reduced when a professional integrated security system is installed..

Robbery is  the most obvious security problem for retail stores because it is not only a financial loss, but it can be incredibly dangerous for employees and customers. Shoplifting and internal theft are other issues that can cause serious monetary losses for retail businesses over time. A portion of shrinkage stems from these same problems, but it also includes product loss from damage, vendor fraud, inventory errors and more. Another security challenge for retail stores is false slip and fall claims.

What Are the Features of a Retail Security System?

The main features of a retail security system are CCTV or IP cameras with video surveillance, alarms, intrusion detection and other sensors, access controls, and remote monitoring.

Key Criteria for Installing Security Systems in Retail Stores

  1. Experience. You don’t want a home security system company designing and installing your retail store security system. You want a security system installer that works with businesses like yours, understands the unique challenges that stores similar to yours face, and gets things done right the first time.
  2. Customization. You want a security company that will customize the ideal security solutions for your particular needs and challenges.
  3. Integration. Taking what you already have and integrating it with updated technology is a budget-friendly way for an electronic security system provider to maximize your security system without breaking the bank. Integrating the monitoring of multiple sites into one easy to use platform is another important criteria for a retail security system installer.
  4. Support: NAVCO can monitor your systems offsite as an extension of your security team and we are able to resolve up to 60% of system issues remotely, saving you system downtime, the disruption of onsite labor and unnecessary service call fees.
  5. Professionalism. You want a business security system installer that employs trained, professional employees that are the best at their jobs and are willing to work around your schedule.

Who Is the Best Retail Store Security System Installer?

The company with the most experience in retail store security system installation is NAVCO. Our client list includes Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci, Old Navy, Shane Co. Jewelers, Wayfair, Williams Sonoma, and more. We help our retail clients protect their assets, employees and customers by designing and installing scalable electronic security systems. We also make it easy to monitor multiple stores at once from a computer or mobile device.

Why NAVCO? You won’t find a security company better at understanding the key criteria for installing security systems in retail stores than NAVCO. Our +50 years of experience and 99% client retention rate speak for themselves. NAVCO provides electronic business security systems for both enterprise-size companies and midsize/regional businesses. Let us give you the peace of mind that comes with optimizing your retail security system with NAVCO.  Get a Quote.

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