Camera Installation Services

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Protect Your Business With Expert Camera Installation Services

If you have an enterprise-size company or a midsize/regional business, protecting your space with security cameras is a must. Choosing the right company for expert camera installation services is just as important. Professional camera installers with the right training and experience are much more likely to get your camera installation done right the first time.

What Are Camera Installation Services?

Camera installation services are a big part of electronic security system installation. Choosing the right type of cameras and surveillance for your particular business is paramount for protecting your business. Another important factor is getting all the cameras in the right location and position to surveil optimally. Camera visibility can also be critical for some businesses who want to deter criminals from their property as well as deter internal crime and misbehavior.

How Does Expert Camera Installation Protect Your Space?

Expertly installed cameras protect your space by providing exactly the right kind of video surveillance. High-quality video cameras, and easily and instantly accessible video monitoring, offer a solid layer of protection by deterring theft and crime internally and externally. In today’s modern world, video technology is taken a step further with the availability of video analytics. You can get valuable data from real time smart video analysis. Instant security alerts can be sent right to your phone or mobile device as well as sent to police or emergency responders. Smart video analytics offer a plethora of beneficial information that can save your company money and time.

How Much Does Expert Camera Installation Cost?

The cost of expert camera installation varies significantly depending on the size of your business and how many locations you have. Also, you may have much different needs than another business. NAVCO, an industry leader in expert camera installation and security system installation, can provide your company with a camera installation quote.

Who Is the Right Company To Protect Your Space with Expert Camera Installation Services?

Not only has NAVCO been in business for over 50 years, but our customer service and client retention statistics are unbeatable. Our customer retention rate is over 99% and with clients like Amazon, Brinks, Chevron, and Wells Fargo, you can see we are trusted by leading brands. Our professional installation technicians are well-trained and it shows. 90% of our service calls are resolved on the first visit. NAVCO’s trips to resolution average are 1.1 versus 3 trips to resolution with our competitors.

NAVCO will work with your budget to find the right camera system and the expert camera installation service that is right for you. We will create a video surveillance plan that is optimized for your business now and in the future. Protect your business, your staff, your clients/customers, and your space with expert camera installation services from NAVCO.


Let NAVCO protect your space with expert camera installation services. We have the experience and the equipment to get your business protected and give you peace of mind. NAVCO specializes in camera installation services for banks and financial services, commercial businesses, convenience stores, grocery stores, property management, restaurants, and retail and department stores. Contact us today!

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