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Smart Custom Solutions For Securing Your Retail Store

If you want smart custom solutions for securing your retail store, look no further. NAVCO is an industry leader in electronic security systems for retail stores. We consult with you to learn your security obstacles and goals. We will work within your budget to design the best security system for your retail store.

Top 5 Security Challenges for Retail Stores

  1. Shrinkage is a huge challenge for retail stores. There are a number of factors that can contribute to shrinkage. These include internal theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud, product damage, and administrative errors. Shrinkage is an expensive problem. But the severity of shrinkage can be greatly reduced with smart security solutions from NAVCO.
  2. Robbery is another challenge for retail and department stores. Robbery can endanger your staff and customers. It can also result in a hefty loss from store damage, injury, stolen inventory, temporary store closure and more. Robbery and theft is are greatly reduced when you invest in video surveillance and other smart custom solutions from NAVCO.
  3. Retail stores can suffer from loitering issues. Loitering can be as harmless as someone hanging out or around your store for no reason to criminals casing your place of business and planning out a robbery, vandalism, or other crimes. Loiterers can drive away customers and negatively affect your retail business if they make customers feel uncomfortable. NAVCO’s custom video surveillance solutions can report dwell time and loitering analytics so you can keep an eye on loitering problems.
  4. POS exceptions can be monitored in order to identify any red flags as soon as possible. NAVCO provides advanced analytics that can help your retail or department store with POS exception reporting to gather valuable business insights and reduce internal crime.
  5. Another big challenge for retail stores is false slip and fall claims. Correct placement of video cameras and top-of-the-line video surveillance will help minimize these claims.

How to Secure Your Retail Store

Installing a retail store security system is the best way to secure your retail store. NAVCO can design and install an integrated security system with smart custom solutions for your retail business. We combine alarms, CCTV cameras and/or IP cameras, remote monitoring, sensors, and access controls to create the ideal security strategy for your retail store.

Why Do You Need Smart Custom Solutions for Securing Your Retail Store

Choosing smart custom solutions will allow you to customize the ideal security strategy for your retail store. An integrated security system will protect your store, your inventory, your employees, and your customers. If you have multiple locations, NAVCO can create a security plan that allows you to access all of your locations at once via a mobile device or computer.

Why NAVCO for Smart Custom Solutions for Securing Your Retail Store?

NAVCO has over 5 decades of experience designing and installing electronic security systems for retail stores. Our extensive client list includes Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Gucci, Levi Strauss & Co., Chanel, Fred Meyer Jewelers and Rite Aid. While many retail stores encounter similar security challenges, every business is different and has their own security challenges and goals. NAVCO will provide you with smart custom solutions for securing your retail store.

And NAVCO has the best security system installers. These well-trained technicians will get your retail security system with video surveillance installed quickly and professionally.

Smart custom solutions for securing your retail store can reduce security challenges of a retail or department store. Choose NAVCO for your retail security system installation, and feel safe and secure knowing your security system is designed specifically for your retail store and installed by professionals. Request a quote today.

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