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We love Seattle!

In Seattle, you may have to wait around for the clouds to part, grunge to get cool again, or the rest of the world to realize that there’s more to coffee than Starbucks; but with NAVCO you won’t have to wait around for someone to fix your security system. Our technicians fix any problems in an average of 1.1 visits (2 visits less than the national average). NAVCO’s team of security experts will keep your Emerald City business protected, freeing up time and resources for you to serve your customers.



Trusted by national leaders and small businesses alike.

“The systems we put in place and the support I received has tremendously reduced my stress and helped simplify logistics. I will be forever grateful to NAVCO.”

David P.

“Extremely professional courteous employees. The knowledgeable staff educated me to make the proper decisions to ensure that my assets were secured.”

Bob D.

“We relied on NAVCO’s expertise and knowledge. They got to know our business and recommended the best solution. We’ve been thrilled with the results ever since.”

Jane A.

Business Security Systems Seattle

NAVCO has been providing security systems for businesses for nearly 50 years, and can offer your company the level of expertise that it delivers to its national clients such as Wells Fargo, Whataburger, FedEx, and more. Whether you are looking for a simple repair, or a comprehensive, multi-location system design and installation, NAVCO is here to secure your future through our world-class business security systems.


Design & Installation



Repair & Maintenance



Video Serveillance








Business Security Systems Columbus

Meet Our Manager - Scott

At NAVCO, although we are  the largest employee-owned security integrator in the nation, we are still small enough to move quickly and efficiently

We are committed to continuous improvement so we can provide world-class services whether you are a national client or a  mid-sized business in the Los Angeles metro are

Business Security Systems Near Seattle, WA

NAVCO is a leading expert in business security systems in and around Seattle. As the largest employee-owned security integrator in the nation, NAVCO delivers exceptional service at a scale that enables us to pass savings along to your business.

We service within 70 miles of Seattle


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Business Security System Design and Installation - Seattle

Over the last 50 years NAVCO has focused on understanding how to deliver world-class business security systems efficiently and accurately to our customers. This is why we train our sales and operations teams to be trusted advisors.

When you work with NAVCO, your project is managed by a team of experts who will help you decide what solutions you need and how to execute your design plan without interrupting your business.

Your account manager will stay connected as your point-person who will help you navigate your choices and will be your liaison to manage schedules, invoicing, and more.


Seattle Security System Repair and Maintenance

We get it right the first time.

We have the capability to repair or service almost any non-proprietary security system on the market today. When your electronic security system is not performing as it should, you can count on NAVCO to fix the problem and let you get back to what matters most, managing your business. On average, we send our technicians on 1.1 trips for every service call, which means that they rarely have to return to a site for parts or other requirements that take more of your time. For most  of our competitors, a single service call requires a technician to be dispatched an average of 3 trips per service call, costing your company more time, money, and resources.

Seattle Video Surveillance Solutions

Don’t miss a thing with 4k video.

Video surveillance is useless if the image is not clear or the cameras are not placed according to best practices. Many companies today still rely on do-it-yourself or budget camera systems that may not be configured when it matters most.

The savings associated with DIY or budget systems may seem attractive at first. However, in the event of an injury, theft, or other criminal activity, tools like HD video, event triggering, and IP cameras can help protect your business from liability.

At NAVCO, we help secure your future by protecting your business against unforeseen threats. Our specialists will thoroughly audit your location, understand your goals, and identify any vulnerabilities.

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Seattle Security Business Alarm

Business Security Systems Columbus

Comprehensive Alarm Services

Modern alarm systems are multifaceted and go beyond a simple sensor on a door.

NAVCO’s alarm specialists will not only secure every window, door, and hatch at your location, but will also help you identify environmental threats like flooding, humidity, temperature, and other hazards. 

Furthermore, our team will work with you through fine tuning your system to reduce the number of false and nuisance alarms at your business.

Seattle Access Control

Secure your premises.

Whether your business has multiple locations or one, our access control offerings will secure your assets and provide an exceptional convenience. 

Easily grant access to employees, customers, and visitors with your mobile device wherever you are.

Grant permissions to your team to control designated settings or limit access to specific parts of a location.

We offer solutions that can run on your device’s browser instead of your company’s local servers, making it easy to use and easy to update.

Business Security Systems Columbus

Seattle Mobile Security Administration for Business

Business Security Systems Columbus

NAVCO offers Remote Admin Services for select systems. Now business owners and authorized security personnel can conveniently manage key security system functions like arming and disarming alarms, viewing security system footage and controlling access to your premises with just the tap of a button. Receive notifications to remotely monitor daily alerts such as camera outages, camera reboots, DVR offline notifications, and virtual trip line breaches. All these analytics can be viewed on an easy to use interface, in real time. You will be glad to have the capability to quickly resolve issues without having to be onsite, whether it’s the middle of the night or in poor weather. This saves you time and money by avoiding unnecessary truck-rolls for service calls.

In today’s remote working environment, this is one of the safest ways to stay in control of your assets and keep your business secure at all times.

Superior Service

NAVCO is the largest employee-owned security integrator in the country with over five decades of experience, which secures the nation’s leading banks, retailers, restaurants, and more. NAVCO can use these resources not only to secure national brands, but midsized organizations as well.


Customer Retention Rate

We are proud to have a 99% customer retention rate, which shows that our clients trust partnering with us for the long term.


Trip to Resolution Rate

We have a trips-to-resolution rate of 1.1, which means that we repair your system correctly the first time compared to the national standard of 3 trips per service call.

The NAVCO Difference

If you are looking for a business security system and a reliable partner to help guide you along the way, NAVCO stands out among the rest.  We invest in superior training and focus on the processes that provide intelligent solutions across the electronic security landscape. Hard to believe? Don’t take it from us, take it from our clients who have repeatedly chosen to partner with us year after year. Our top 20 customers have been with NAVCO for an average of 9 years. And with a 99% customer retention rate, NAVCO is proud of the relationships we’ve built. 

NAVCO Difference

Our clients love us.

99% Client Retention Rate


We get it right the first time

1.1 technician visits per service call


We believe in quality.

Typical equipment lifespan is 5-7 years


Proven Success

We have nearly five decades of experience

Seattle Electronic Security Solutions

Commercial security systems, access control, alarm and more.