We've Always Been Leaders in Industry Innovation

NAVCO's Industry Firsts

NAVCO has a documented history of successful product innovation and development, driven directly by customer needs. With our own in-house engineering department, NAVCO customizes systems that integrate leading-edge hardware and software to accomplish virtually any customer goals imaginable.

Five Decades of Milestones


  • NAVCO deployed the first time-encoders on videotapes, as well as synchronized sequential switching hardware and decoders that helped investigators view videotape more efficiently.
  • NAVCO spearheaded the adoption of closed-circuit television as a powerful security tool for the financial services industry.


  • NAVCO used Beta and SVHS technologies to provide color pictures for forensic research for robbery, fraud and employee defalcation.
  • NAVCO developed advanced interfaces for teller platforms and cash register systems that allowed professionals to quickly find and associate specific transactions with high-resolution video pictures.
  • NAVCO synchronized Access control and alarm systems with video archiving systems, enabling users to enjoy an integrated collection of systems that work as one.
  • NAVCO developed a specialized camera (the Eclipser) to accommodate extreme lighting conditions found in ATM deployments nationally.
  • NAVCO became a market leader in providing surveillance systems to convenience stores, retail and grocery.


  • NAVCO helped launch the first remote monitored video systems, which allowed customers to comply with ATM security laws requiring service levels to be managed and logged for government review.
  • NAVCO developed NAVNET, technology that enabled customers to eliminate manual processes and save time and money by connecting all sites via modem and tracking tape changes and service issues every hour.


  • NAVCO developed the first digital recorder for the retail banking industry. It enabled banks to store transactions for 180 days with only a 10-megabyte hard drive, a major feat achieved through an elaborate technique of interfacing with the teller platform, ATM machines and a revolutionary picture prioritization scheme.
  • NAVCO made the first viable digital video recorder to attack fraud in banking.
  • NAVCO expanded into the retail, casual dining and quick-serve restaurant markets by focusing on point-of-sale integration and workman’s compensation issues.


  • NAVCO announced new service-level agreements guaranteed to deliver a 95% first-time fix rate on the products it supports. To accomplish this, extensive field and remote support training was required, and the company transformed parts deployment into a science.
  • NAVCO reduced return trips and total number of hours to clear a service call, saving clients money and time.


  • NAVCO is perfectly positioned in the marketplace to provide you with the best possible experience in obtaining and servicing your enterprise security system. Our nationwide network of trained service technicians ensures consistent system performance and economy—no matter where the system is located.