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The Importance Of Professional Installation And Integration For Your Security System

An Integrated Security System Installation professionally implemented can be a transformative asset for your business. This upgrade can streamline your security measures, and safeguard your establishment, employees, and customers, while also proving to be a cost-effective solution. In this blog, we will emphasize the significance of a professionally conducted Security System Installation and the benefits of its seamless integration within your existing business infrastructure. Understanding the nuances of a well-installed and integrated security system can help drive your business toward greater safety and success.

What Is Security System Integration?

Security system integration is combining all of your security features or security systems in one centralized network. This makes your security system easier to use and reduces employee costs. An integrated security system can even combine multiple locations, or branches, together on this single platform, providing your company with a single security network that can be accessed as needed.

What Does Security System Integration Do for Your Business?

Security system integration puts your security system on a cloud-based system. This allows for video storage, video analytics, energy efficiency options, access control to your building, certain areas or rooms, and your security team can access the entire system from a computer, tablet, or cell phone. Basically, security system integration takes multi-layered security solutions and connects them in order to streamline your security. This makes these systems much more efficient and easier to use and monitor.  So, you can get the ideal protection for your business without added complications for you and your security team.

What Is Professional Security System Installation?

Professional security system installation is when you hire a security expert to install a security system. Typically, a professional security system installer comes from a company that can handle a scope of security solutions and has unlimited access to the latest high-tech security equipment and solutions.

Why Is Professional Security System Installation Important for Businesses?

For midsize/regional and enterprise-size companies, professional electronic security system installation is of the utmost importance. You need a security expert to plan, design, install, and monitor your security system. You want a company that knows exactly what they are doing and has the experience to customize the ideal, scalable integrated security system for your business. This will ensure that your business is protected flawlessly.

How To Choose a Professional Security System Installer

When choosing a professional security system installer, look for the following traits:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Who are their clients? What is their client retention rate? Will they provide references or further specifics about their record?
  • Do they use state-of-the-art equipment? Are they able to customize or even develop security equipment that is ideal for your business?
  • Will they design and install a security system that is perfect for your business rather than use a cookie cutter security system?
  • Are they willing to work around your budget?
  • Do they offer training for your security employees post installation?
  • Do they offer ongoing analytics, monitoring, and service after installation?
  • Will they take the time to get to know you and your business in order to get you exactly what you need? Are they willing to work around your schedule to complete the security system installation without interfering with your business? Will they get things right the first time? Are their employees well-trained and competent?

Who Provides Professional Installation and Integration for Your Security System?

NAVCO has over 50 years of experience planning, designing, and installing security systems. We specialize in integrated security systems for mid-size regional, and large national companies. We can design customized security solutions that cater specifically to your security challenges and goals. We will work within your budget to get you the best possible security plan for your money. NAVCO can create a complicated integrated security system with many moving parts and make it incredibly easy for you and your security staff to operate and utilize. You will be able to secure multiple branches or locations and monitor them all from a computer or mobile device. NAVCO secures banks and financial services, commercial businesses, convenience stores, grocery stores, property management, restaurants, retail and department stores, and more.

The Importance of Professional Installation and Integration for Your Security System

The importance of professional installation and integration for your security system comes down to getting the absolute best security system for your company, getting it set up correctly, and making your security easier to use and access for you and your team. A professionally-installed integrated security system will provide the best protection for your business, assets, and the people within. This type of security offers the best overall security for midsize/regional and enterprise-sized businesses.


Now that you understand more about professional security system installation and security system integration, you have a much better idea of the importance of professional installation and integration for your business security system. An integrated security system is key for making your security work for your business. Professional installers can help you get your integrated security system set up correctly and functioning in the best possible way for your particular company. A professionally-installed integrated electronic security system will protect your business and give you peace of mind that a non-integrated system just cannot provide. Not to mention, this type of security system links each aspect along a single network and allows you and your security team to monitor multiple locations. This saves employee costs and makes monitoring the system very straight forward.

NAVCO can design and install an integrated security system for your business that can bring all of your locations together. Let us do the heavy lifting to give you peace of mind when it comes to security.

We have proven results and a talented team of professionals. Our client retention rate is 99%. And with clients like Amazon, Brinks, Chevron, and Wells Fargo, that’s saying a lot. Also, if you ever have issues with your system, we will get it resolved quickly. Our trips to resolution is by far the best in the industry at 1.1 trips to resolution, compared of our competitors 3 trips. Take the worry out of business security with NAVCO. Request a quote today by clicking this link or call us at 800.788.3779.

We’re looking forward to securing your future!

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