Remote Admin Services?

Reduced on-site labor ・ Less Downtime ・ Outsourced Management
Protecting your people and property is a full-time job. Rely on NAVCO’s certified professionals to keep your security systems up and running, so your security team can focus on keeping your customers, employees, location and assets safe.
“By using NAVCO’s Remote Admin Services, we have been able to keep our video systems up and running for maximum protection of our customers, employees and assets while reducing our service calls by 60% annually!”
– Jason Schmidt, Dutch Bros. Coffee

Remote Admin Services

Our cost-effective Remote Administrative Services for video, alarm, and access systems significantly lower the costs and disruption of on-
site service calls, while ensuring maximum uptime and performance. We’ll monitor, identify and fix issues remotely, and proactively call in a
technician when needed—before the downtime impacts your business.

cctv camera installation

Video Remote Sevices

  • Monitor Your System Health Alerts, including:
  • Hard Drive Retention
  • Auto-Dispatch for required visits
  • Add/Remove/Modify Users and Groups
  • 1 Free Evidence Retrieval/month
  • Manage Software Updates
  • Standard Efficiency (ROI) Reports quarterly
    —Remote fix rate, dispatch report
  • Camera License management


  • Health alerts (no communication, low battery, power loss)
  • Panel programming changes (one free/month)
  • Preemptive Auto-Dispatch for required visits
  • User management
alarm system installation
Business Security System


  • Monitor for panels offline
  • Auto-dispatch for required visits
  • Annual firmware update
  • Third-party integration support
  • Schedule changes (one free/month)
  • User database management

How much can you save with NAVCO's remote Labor and Admin Services?

By addressing 60-65% of service issues remotely, we saved one client nearly $40,000 in total labor costs over one quarter, as compared to the cost of 100% onsite service calls.

retail store surveillance system

Annual Site Audit & Evaluation - Secure your systems ongoing performance

commercial security access control

Your security team may not have the time or resources to make sure your security systems have the coverage you need as your sites change with the times. That’s where NAVCO comes in. Performed annually, our Site Audit and Evaluations offer preventative and proactive protection against downtime—identifying potential issues before they become a problem. This includes

Remote Administrative Services
Our audit recommends cameras C-5, C-6 & C-7 are moved to provide complete coverage for the relocated registers.

Video Audit

  • Clean all cameras
  • Check all connections at the switch and DVR
  • Verify all camera views are correct
  • Check and clean recording device
  • Take photos of the installation and the network rack
  • Recommended system status for upgrades and repairs

Alarm Audit

  • Walk-test all zones
  • Check all batteries levels
  • Check all communication paths
acess control systems

Access Control Audit

  • Check all locking hardware and clean/adjust
  • Check all card reader functionality
  • Check all door alignment and recommend adjustments
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