Motion Detector Alarm

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What Benefits Does A Motion Detector Alarm Provide?

You may be wondering, “What benefits does a motion detector alarm provide for my business?” This is a great question! In this blog we will provide all you need to know about motion detector alarms. Whether you are considering your first motion detector alarm or updating your current business security system, NAVCO can help!

What Is a Motion Detector Alarm?

Motion detectors utilize sensors and video surveillance to locate and analyze motion. This is an incredibly important aspect of any electronic security system for business. If you have an integrated security system with a motion detector alarm, once a motion is detected an alert is sent to you, your security team, and/or the police by call, email, or text for review. With NAVCO, this aspect is customizable in order to cater to your particular business in the most effective way. You will be able to instantly review footage from the time of the alarm as well as live video surveillance once you receive the alert. Then, you can easily determine the best course of action. Motion detector alarms can also be programmed to emit a warning to potential intruders.

How Does a Motion Detector Alarm Work?

Motion sensors in business security systems typically work by utilizing temperature changes to determine motion. Today’s motion detectors are much more advanced than their predecessors. Smart motion detectors can offer a plethora of information and even determine the difference between likely and unlikely threats. When the sensor is triggered, you or your security team will be notified of the potential threat for review. NAVCO offers access control and surveillance at the tip of your fingers from your mobile device. This allows you real time access, review, and rapid response.

The top 10 Benefits Provided by a Motion Detector Alarm:

  1. The most obvious benefit of a motion detector is preventing crime, vandalism, and theft at your business.
  2. Motion detectors save your business money by avoiding the need for round the clock security staff.
  3. Motion sensor alarms keep your employees and customers safe.
  4. Motion detection protects your assets.
  5. This security system feature prevents trespassing on your business property.
  6. Motion detector alarms keep your business safe after hours.
  7. Motion sensors can verify employees.
  8. These security devices are low maintenance.
  9. Motion detectors are energy efficient and can be programmed to turn on and off lights and much more.
  10. These devices can be used to secure entry of employees and vendors into your business.

Why Should I Choose NAVCO to Install a Motion Detector Alarm for My Business?

When you choose NAVCO you can be sure that your motion detector alarm will be set up properly. This will make your business security system even more accurate, effective, and easy to use. NAVCO is the best in the business of designing, installing, and maintaining electronic security systems for banks and financial services, commercial businesses, convenience stores, grocery stores, property management, restaurants, retail and department stores.


Are motion sensors worth it for business? Yes! You can clearly see from this blog post the terrific benefits of a motion detector alarm in business security. Now, let’s learn more about NAVCO.

NAVCO has over 50 years of experience installing electronic business security systems for enterprise-size companies and midsize/regional businesses. We are here to offer you, your clients/customers, and your employees peace of mind. Let us secure your business with a motion detector alarm and more. Request a Quote Today!

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