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How To Choose Security System Installers For Your Store

Whether you have a grocery store, a retail store, a department store, or a convenience store chain of stores, it is absolutely critical that you have a good electronic security system. But where can you find a security system installer or integrator with the experience, expertise, and professionalism to customize the ideal security system for your stores? Keep reading to learn how to choose security system installers for your stores.

Why Do Stores Need Electronic Security Systems?

All stores need security systems to protect their property, assets, employees and customers. Convenience stores have a higher-than-average risk of robbery and shoplifting. Skimming and shrinkage are also big challenges. Retail and department stores also have other challenges like false slip and fall claims, internal theft, and loitering. Grocery stores experience a lot of the same security challenges as other types of stores, but some other important areas of security concerns typical to grocery stores are food safety awareness and tampering, pharmacy and drug control, push-outs, and parking lot safety.

Why Do Stores Need Security System Installers?

Integrated security systems for stores should be installed by professionals that get everything installed right the first time and even train your security team on the new system. Good security system installers will work around your schedule to ensure as little interruption to your business as possible.

What Is the Best Security System for Stores?

The best security system for stores is a customized electronic security system that includes alarms, sensors/intrusion detection, access control, remote guard services, remote police dispatch, remote system diagnostics, IP cameras, video surveillance, analytics, and archiving. This store security system should be integrated so that you can monitor one or multiple locations from your mobile device or computer with remote system administration.

How to Choose Security System Installers for Your Store | What to Look for in Security System Installers

  • How long have they been in business?
  • What is their track record? Do they have happy clients? Who are their clients?
  • Do they use state-of-the-art equipment?
  • Will they design and install a security system that is perfect for your store and your budget?
  • Do they offer training and ongoing analytics, monitoring, and service after installation?
  • Are they willing to work around your schedule to complete the security system installation without interfering with your business?

Who Is the Best Security System Installer for Stores?

NAVCO has installed security systems for stores and businesses of all types for over 50 years. Because we get to know our clients in order to customize the ideal security system for their challenges and their budget, our track record is phenomenal with a 99% client retention rate. And 90% of service calls are resolved on the first visit. In fact, with an industry average of three trips to fix a service issue, NAVCO comes out on top with an average of 1.1 trips to resolve service issues.

Not only is NAVCO an industry leader that provides cutting-edge equipment and security solutions, we have a history of successful product innovation and development. Our in-house engineering department sets us apart from other security system installers by allowing NAVCO to further customize security system for stores and ship complete systems to the installation site.

NAVCO offers training and ongoing analytics, monitoring, and service. Our professional installers work with you to avoid interfering with your business as much as possible during your security system installation.

NAVCO Store Clients:


Barnes & Noble College Booksellers

Bed Bath & Beyond


Big Y




Dutch Bros

Englefield Oil

Fairway Markets




JP Morgan Chase

Levi Strauss & Co.


Restaurant Depot

Shell/CJ Cox



United Natural Foods, Inc.

We hope this blog has helped you to feel equipped to choose the best security system installers for your store. NAVCO is the clear choice when it comes to integrated electronic security system installation for grocery stores, convenience stores, and retail and department stores. Get a quote.

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