Blue Chip Manager Unlocking Access Control

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Manage Your Business Better with One Important Tool

How can you utilize your security system to better manage your business? – lock doors remotely, turn off A/C, heat, lights, etc.

If you are a tech geek like me, you likely have some smart integration at your home. It may be as simple as using a Google or Amazon device to control your lights or it may be as elaborate as using geofencing to control multiple systems within the home upon leaving or returning. I use geofencing for my home security, HVAC control, lighting control and access to the garage. This all leads to savings on my utilities and ensures that my home is secure. Working in the commercial security integration business for many years, we are seeing this type of integration between systems as more of a possibility than ever.

All this plays into creating a more secure space and increased energy savings for your business. Multiple systems can be controlled from one dashboard to lock and unlock entry points, activate entry points with video verification, disarm areas within your alarm system, and control environmental equipment such as HVAC, lighting, and other utilities. If you can imagine it, there is likely an integration out there that can meet your desires.

Here is an example that could immediately save your business on heating and cooling cost:

Install a SMART Thermostat, couple that with an Alarm System that can integrate with the thermostat. With some selective programming, the Alarm System can now control the environmental equipment within your space or building. When the system is “disarmed” in the morning you can trigger the thermostat to control the heat or A/C depending on the time of year to a desired temperature. At closing, when the system is “armed” the heat or A/C can be altered to save on energy cost. The ROI could be achieved in less than 12 months and fully fund the upgrade to your new alarm system and HVAC control.

Another example that may be considered if your business requires after hours deliveries or if your business location is not staffed during certain periods during normal hours:

Use a cloud-based access control system integrated with video and intercom service to allow deliveries through a designated door. Use the remote features of the system to verify the person at the door via video cameras and allow entry by remotely unlocking or activating the entry point. Use internal video cameras to verify the shipment received. For those trusted consistent deliveries, issue a mobile credential to access your business and utilize the alerts plus video recording to track the use and validate deliveries. This will save you time, resources and ensure that you minimize missed deliveries.

There are many examples of how integration between security and SMART devices can save money and improve your business process. This all means more profit at the end of the day! All businesses want more profit, so it’s time to embrace this technology, get rid of the 10+ year old security system and start saving today!

At NAVCO, we work with several manufacturers that already have these integrations or that can be licensed to work with non-proprietary systems. Please contact a NAVCO expert to see how you can build an ROI to increase your profits and to better secure your business!

About the Author:

Phil Burleson – Phil has 39 years’ experience in the electronics and security industries. He started his career in electronics while serving in the US Air Force both stateside and overseas. Phil also served in the US Army as an Infantry Drill Sergeant. He began his career at NAVCO in 1992 as a Service Technician. He was promoted through the ranks, moving from Washington to Connecticut, and has held the position of Vice President in charge of East Operations for the last 26 years.

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