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Tag lines that have meaning

NAVCO’s tag line over the years has been “Securing your Future”.    We picked this so that we could better communicate what a relationship with NAVCO means.

To our customers it means that we will go the extra step to make sure that we are looking out for the best interest of both the company and our contact at that company.  We strive to provide a safer and more financially secure environment for our customers by making sure that what we do enhances the business and the careers of the people we work for.  We provide job security by being that trusted advisor and partner in deploying technology correctly, on budget, and as promised.

To our vendors it means that they can trust us to be the experts they need to make their technologies perform at their best.  The best technology needs expert deployment.  Our vendors’ future is secure when their products are delivered in one of our vans by a NAVCO trained expert.

To our employees it means that their own future is secure because we value quality individuals with a passion to perform at their best every day.   We have unheard of employee retention because of our commitment to our mission to be a team of industry experts and the values we demand each employee to embrace.  Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Quality are the values of our company that insure a secure future at NAVCO.

Securing your Future……
it’s something we live by at NAVCO,
it’s what sets us apart from our competitors,
and it’s a commitment that runs deep.

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