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The U.S. White House and Security

Recently, I toured the White House, when a friend was on the Secret Service presidential detail. He made a thoughtful remark about security, “Cameras and alarms are merely the “remoting” of a trained professional’s eyes and ears that allow their own intelligence to reach further. If the person operating the technology is not using it to extend his reach and expertise, the technology is wasted.”

How can deploying new technologies for Security and Loss Prevention keep our businesses and us safe?

Crime and the tragedy it causes will continue. All of the advanced technologies that we have invented and deployed cannot stop a crime from happening. However, as responsible citizens we utilize all the tools available and strive to protect our families, our communities, and our workplaces.

Our job at NAVCO as technology professionals, as the enablers and stewards of these new tools being delivered today, is to understand what they can and cannot do, and to plan and execute accordingly. Video recording and alarm tools for commercial use have been with us for over 50 years now. In their simplest form all of these tools transmit and record pictures and alert others about sounds and movement.

Today, our biggest challenge in the security industry is to make sure that everything the technology is purchased for is accomplished. This means exotic features need to be programmed properly, and users trained so that these tools become the tools intended. People counting, traffic mapping, two person rules, crowd alarms, trip lines, and POS mapping are all excellent tools if deployed properly. And keeping these systems operating in perfect working order is key to making sure these tools are available when needed. At NAVCO, we understand the importance of integrating these technologies so that the security system is operating to its highest potential, such as capturing HD video images and making them readily available when needed. When security systems are not working and capturing the necessary images required to solve crimes, money is wasted and crimes may not be solved. That is why we invest so much in training our service technicians and why they carry the “parts and smarts” on each truck. This commitment enables us to bring a 95% first-time-fix rate to a service call and usually respond within four hours of the system going down.

Personal effort to deploy technology properly, tied with service and systems you can trust will give the protection you deserve. NAVCO can be that security partner you can count on. Please consider putting our 95% first-time-fix rate to the test.

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