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“Peta Cloud” talk at the next Board meeting

Our typical customer is managing multiple sites and multiple systems, usually with 50-5000 locations spread out across the country, all with recording devices with 2+ Terabyte hard drives in them.  So… time you are invited to the Board of Directors or Shareholders meeting and you are asked what your plan is to move everything “to the cloud”, tell them you already have your own Peta (1000 Terabytes)  cloud in place….and its growing….and it’s got 99.9% uptime.

A few statistics regarding the technologies you manage will go a long way with senior management, and your reputation!

Petabytes of Storage – If you don’t have it now, you will soon with the new high definition cameras and recorders that you are starting to deploy.  A Petabyte is a little more than 1000 Terabytes.  A Terabyte is a little more than 1000 Gigabytes.  Most remote field recorders today are being deployed with 2-4 terabytes of local storage all tied together in “the cloud” through private and public networks.

99.9% uptime – A true enterprise service provider will make sure you have the confidence that you have it all handled, that’s why you hire them.  A 99.9% uptime requirement needs to be your goal.  Properly monitored and maintained systems only have hard drive issues once every two years.  Priority calls at NAVCO are usually identified, dispatched and resolved in 8 hours.   That’s a maximum of 8 hours down for every 17,520 hours of operation.  Your network counterparts will envy your stats.

EMC, Dell and others are calling on your CIO and asking to take over the data management of your video.  They charge to ship it to their location and to store it, eliminating the need to store anything at your sites.  Today it is costly to do so.

Today, there is a good chance that your Peta Cloud is better than their Peta Cloud.

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