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Why Do Businesses Need Access Control Security Systems?

Why do businesses need access control security systems? This is an excellent question that we are happy to answer for you in this blog. We will explore access control security systems and help you further understand what they can do for your business. 

What Are Access Control Security Systems?

Let’s start with the basics. What is access control? Access control is the ability to regulate, restrict, and monitor entrance to your building as well as certain areas and rooms within your business. Access control security systems are incredibly beneficial as they add an extra layer of protection over basic security systems. 

Why Do Businesses Need Access Control Security Systems?

  1. The main reason that businesses need access control is to protect the premises, the people and the assets within the proximity. 
  2. Access controls prevent crimes such as theft, robbery, and assault. 
  3. Commercial security systems with access control also monitor and provide data about who enters certain areas and when. 
  4. Access control gives you the ability to control access to your business. You and/or your security team are able to change who has access at any time from a mobile device. This can go a long way to protect you,  employees and your business. 
  5. Certain access control systems even provide multi-location access which offers seamless access between branches or locations for trusted employees.
  6. Access control security systems also offer emergency response, which can instantly lock down a specific area or an entire building.
  7. This type of security system can also reduce energy costs by programming to adjust temperature and lighting after hours. 
  8. Access control systems also reduce spending by eliminating the need for security guards and other related employees. 

Who Installs the Best Access Control Security Systems?

NAVCO is a leader in access control security systems. NAVCO has been designing and installing electronic business security systems for enterprise and midsize/regional businesses for over 50 years. We can create an integrated security system with access control that not only secures your business, but also provides an easier way to monitor and regulate employee, vendor, and visitor activity. Our access control systems keep your business and your employees safer while also simplifying access for your employees. 


In this blog we explored access control systems and why they are important for businesses. Access control systems simplify entrance access, prevent crime, and protect your business, employees, assets, and sensitive information. They also provide valuable information to businesses. Access control systems save companies money in the long run by reducing energy costs, losses related to crime, as well as security employee costs. 

If you are considering updating your existing security system to include access control or you need a complete electronic security system overhaul, contact NAVCO. We are here to guide you through the process from consultation to installation, and even beyond, with ongoing monitoring and system maintenance. Read about what we do and who we help. We specialize in banks and financial services, commercial businesses, convenience stores, grocery stores, property management, restaurants, retail and department stores. Request a quote today. Request a quote today.

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