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What Makes NAVCO Security Systems The Best Choice For Businesses?

If you are a midsize, regional, or enterprise-size company looking to update your security system or get a new business security system, you are probably wondering what security company is the best choice for businesses. We are going to save you some time by helping you get to know the industry leader in electronic security solutions for businesses for over 50 years. Meet NAVCO. Now, let’s explore what makes NAVCO security systems the best choice for businesses.

Who We Are

NAVCO is a business electronic security system integrator with a history of product innovation and world class service spanning over five decades. We customize integrated security systems with cutting-edge technology, software, and hardware. We are client focused and professional. Your long-term and short-term security goals will be evaluated and achieved within your budget, with NAVCO.

Who We Help

NAVCO executes expert security solutions for any midsize, regional, or enterprise-size company, and we specialize in several industries.

Banks and Financial Services

With names like JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Brinks on NAVCO’s customer list for banks and financial services security systems, you know we have the expertise your company needs to face any security challenges such as: ATM security and skimming, FDIC requirements, loitering, robbery, and employee and customer protection.

Commercial Businesses

NAVCO designs and installs commercial security systems for business-leading companies such as FedEx, Amazon and Aramark, that solve security challenges like door control, driver accidents in the warehouse, internal theft, loitering, false slip and fall claims, vendor management and unwanted visitors.

Convenience Stores

We have worked with Chevron, BP/Arco AM PM, Englefield Oil, Shell/CJ Cox and more, to plan and install integrated electronic security systems that reduce security challenges like canopy/gas pump safety and protection, internal theft/skimming, robbery, shoplifting, and shrinkage

Grocery Stores

NAVCO solves HEB, Big Y and Fairway Markets security challenges. These and other grocery stores chains look to NAVCO to protect them against false slip and fall claims, food safety and tampering, parking lot safety, pharmacy and drug control, push-outs, and shrinkage. NAVCO can design and install the best grocery store security system for your store.

Property Management

NAVCO helps property managers monitor all of their sites from a single program on their mobile device or computer. The property management industry faces hurdles like the need for costly onsite guards and employees to let in visitors and repair/cleaning personnel, loitering and other safety issues that can occur in certain areas of their sites, and the need for intercoms at access points. We have helped Equity Residential, Viviant, Inc. and the Irvine Company secure their locations.


Restaurants and bars have a unique set of challenges like backdoor losses, brand protection, food safety and handling, gift card fraud/cash losses, POS exception reporting/prevent internal theft, robbery, slip and fall claims. NAVCO has installed restaurant security systems for BJ’s Restaurants, Darden Restaurants , Maison Kayser, Raising Cane’s, Whataburger, and more.

Retail and Department Stores

NAVCO has helped Bed Bath & Beyond, Gucci, Chanel, Fred Meyers Jewelers and more, to tackle typical retail security challenges like dwell time, POS exception reporting, robbery, shoplifting, organized retail crime, slip and fall, and shrink.

What We Do

NAVCO consults, designs, and installs integrated security systems for businesses. We also provide video analytics and Remote Administrative Services. After installation, we provide employee training and ongoing support for your business security system.

What Makes NAVCO Security Systems the Best Choice for Businesses?

NAVCO offers professional services like consultation and design, installation, project management, analytics, and ongoing support. We will work side by side with you to plan the ideal security solutions for your business on your budget. But we can also handle everything,  so you don’t have to, with our remote service options. With access to the most current and advanced security solutions and equipment, NAVCO can craft the ideal security system for your business. Let us be your trusted security advisors. Get a Quote today!

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