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Understanding The Need For Security Systems For Business

Some business owners may think they don’t need a security system because they are located in a nice neighborhood or don’t have many security risks. But security systems protect property, assets, employees, customers/clients and your business. Understanding the need for security systems for business is absolutely integral to having a successful business and reducing loss from shrink, false claims, robbery, shoplifting, employee theft, vendor fraud, on-site illegal activity, and more.

Best Security Systems for Business

The best security system for your business may look a lot different than Amazon’s or Wells Fargo’s systems. Not every business needs a large-scale security system like theirs. NAVCO takes the time to understand your business and its security needs because no two businesses are the same. Even businesses that appear very similar may have very different security goals. NAVCO works within your budget to determine the best security strategy for your business.

Types of Security Systems for Business

Enterprise Security Systems are for large businesses that have multiple locations. Enterprise security systems allow end users to monitor every business location from anywhere via a phone, tablet, or computer.

Commercial Security Systems combine various security equipment and features to create a comprehensive security system that is ideal for commercial businesses.

Integrated Security Systems are ideal for most businesses. In fact, both commercial and enterprise security systems are integrated security systems. This type of security strategy combines a number of security systems features, including access control, alarms, intrusion detections, sensors, system monitoring, and video cameras.

At NAVCO, all types of security systems include:

  • Consultation and Design
  • Installation
  • Project Management
  • Service
  • Analytics

Security Systems for Business – What Doesn’t Work

When installing a security system yourself or choosing a less-than-ideal security system installer, you can encounter a number of problems.

  • Less than commercial-grade equipment, not built to last
  • Poor security camera placement
  • Lack of training and knowledge about the system
  • Lack of ongoing monitoring and repair
  • One-size-fits-all security system
  • Missing integral security features

Security Systems for Business – What to Look For

When you are looking for a security system for your business, you want the best company for the job. Choose a company that focuses exclusively on business security systems, has a great track record, and is willing to work with your business to plan the ideal integrated security strategy for your particular business within your budget. NAVCO has over five decades of experience in the field of security systems for business. Not only do we offer cutting-edge electronic security solutions, our service team of well-trained professionals go above and beyond to give our clients the best experience. We are there to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the entire process from planning to installation and beyond.

What Types of Security Systems Are Good for a Business?

Would you use the same security system for your home and business? No. So, you shouldn’t use a home security company to set up your business security system. You need a company that focuses solely on security systems for business. NAVCO will help you choose the best type of security system for your company, your challenges, and your budget.

Now that you understand the need for security systems for business, it’s time to choose a security system installation company. NAVCO specializes in customized security solutions for businesses. Why NAVCO? NAVCO has been an industry leader in security systems for business for over 50 years. We have clients like Amazon, Aramark, BP/Arco AM PM, Bed Bath & Beyond, Brinks, Chanel, Chevron, Dutch Bros, FedEx, Gucci, JP Morgan, Purpose Financial, Wells Fargo, and Whataburger and a 99% client retention rate. Choose NAVCO as your choice in security systems for business. We take pride in getting to know your business in order to help you determine what type of security system is best for your business.

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