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Listening Leads to Customer Loyalty

We live in a world of electronic overload.  There is an app that exists for everything from ordering a pizza to helping you sleep at night.  People are so tied to their electronics that it should not be a surprise to anyone that we are struggling to find ways to connect with each other.  However, there is not an app that teaches someone how to be an active listener.  At the core of effective communication, active listening resides.

When working in customer service, active listening should be the number one skill utilized. Every person wants to feel heard and that their point of view is valued and appreciated.  From receipt of an initial service call to completion of a service call, listening to the customer is vital.  In fact, research has found that 60% of business problems can be attributed to poor communication.  When a customer feels heard, that their opinions are valued, their loyalty to a company will grow.  So, the question becomes, how does a business demonstrate active listening?

NAVCO has increased our customer loyalty by being an active listener.  When customers call our National Dispatch Center, they reach a live person who will listen to their concerns and assist them with getting a service call opened. When our technicians arrive at a customer location, they check in with the onsite contact and review what is wrong at site before beginning the repair process.  Our sales team works with each customer to understand their business goals and then formulates a service plan that will meet their business needs.  We set up weekly meetings with our customers to give the customer an opportunity to be heard on any issues affecting their business.  In 2021, we created our Customer Success department to bridge any further communication gaps between our business and our customers.  Effective communication was the leading topic at our National Sales Meeting and Operations Meeting this year.  By implementing these practices, we’ve made progress to establishing long lasting relationships with our customers.

Is your business going through changes in this new digital world we live in?  Do you feel like other security integrators have failed to listen to your concerns and understand your business needs from a security standpoint?  The solution, choose NAVCO! We are active listeners who care about our customers and their concerns.

About the Author:

Deana has over 20 years of customer service experience. She started her career in customer service while working at the Orange County courthouse in Orlando, FL. She began working in the file room of the Circuit Criminal division, worked her way up to the felony trial clerk division, and finished her tenure at the Orange County courthouse with the Court Administration Domestic Violence division. Deana moved to Georgia in 2005 relocating for her husband’s job and started with NAVCO in 2006 as a Dispatcher.  She learned the dispatch role and each function within the dispatch office.  She was promoted to Dispatch Supervisor and then Dispatch Manager. In 2021, Deana relocated from Georgia to Texas to help develop our new Customer Success Department and is now the Customer Success Manager.

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