Technology Roadmap

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What is a technology roadmap?

As we grow older there always seems to be a new milestone, or a marker to denote a new season of life.  There is an evolution of thought, routine, practice (or no practice), but decisions are always made to work to a certain goal; maybe personal or material.  What I have always found interesting is that in my twenties I could look back at my teenage self and see the places where I would have made some different decisions.  The same is true when I was in my thirties looking back at my twenties…”dude what an idiot!” moments are more common than I care to admit.  If history holds true, my forties will have some of that, (but hopefully not as much!) I am thankful for those moments as this is where lady wisdom is gleaned.  She is discovered and not innate.

When you look out at the landscape of our current security layout for your company, where does the road lead?  Are you “old school” and just go with what works…the tried and true method.  Or are you looking at the direction of your organization, making sure the navigational beacons are aligned?  A technology roadmap can be an intimidating undertaking.  How do I adjust our current technology specification to meet the demands of the business?  Where do I go to find the right technology?  How do I know a technology will be around in two years?  How can I be a good steward of my company’s money?  Are the decisions I am going to make going to present a return on the investment?

Working out a technology roadmap can help provide answers to all of these questions.  At NAVCO we can help!  It is always a good idea to know where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.  The destination of tomorrow can require some help.  Finding a trusted partner that can help evaluate your current challenges and walk alongside you to map out your future goals can be invaluable to your company.  At NAVCO we work to build the trust required to develop long term partnerships with our customers and become an extension of their team.  The better we understand your goals and ambitions for your security landscape the better we are at bringing technologies to the table to help achieve those goals.  The healthy tension of not wanting to make the wrong decision is rooted in the wisdom gleaned from past mistakes.  Let NAVCO work alongside you as you look to future proof your security system so that years from now you can look back and say, “What a fruitful partnership!” as opposed to “Dude what an idiot…”

About the Author:

David McVicker started with NAVCO in the spring of 2010.  Over the last 10 years he has specialized in consulting with customers to design, install and service best in class security solutions tailored for their business.  Today he serves as the Group Sales Manager for the Central Region at NAVCO.

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