Strengthening Partnerships

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Strengthening our Partnerships at NAVCO

As the world continues to change and evolve, and new and different challenges exist for the security industry, NAVCO continues to keep their eye on the ball, reinforcing the importance of strong partnerships with our distributors and manufacturers, and translating that to better service and responses for our current and future customers.

As supply chain concerns ramp up and meeting scheduled deadline dates becomes a more difficult feat, creating vehicles for constant communication with our vendor partners becomes essential to staying ahead of the curve. It’s our goal to work alongside them on forecasts, details, and any information that we find valuable to allow them to deliver what they do best for NAVCO.

The old adage, “you don’t know a great partner until you really need one” is true.  I would say, we have been fortunate to have some of the strongest in the industry, thanks to making it a priority on both sides of the fence. At NAVCO, we take time to do quarterly and annual reviews with our vendor partners. We work on joint roadmaps to deliver to the customers, and we look at trends in the industry and what we need to prepare for as we see technology evolving. This allows us to provide our customers the most value for what they need today, tomorrow and the future.

Joint marketing partnerships allow us to work with our vendors to bring together NAVCO and the products. This works in trade show environments, webinars to the customers, and other events we attend as a unified team. By obtaining as much knowledge as we can from what there is to offer in equipment and services, we can continue to be the trusted advisors to our customers.

The value of partnership has always been there, but to say that is has been taken for granted in the good times, could be true. But what we learn during more challenging times, is that creating communication vehicles, dedicated calls, visits, and regular updates allows us to stay close to what is happening and continue to be the best in what we do as an integrator, having the strongest partners to support NAVCO and our customers.

About the Author:

BA, Advertising and Communications, Texas State University, 1992

Angie has 27 years of experience in the security business in Cash Logistics and Physical Security. Angie has held positions in Strategic Sales for Brink’s Inc., in the Cash Logistics space, managing their largest national customer portfolio. Over the last 15 years here at NAVCO, she has held positions in Business Development, Director of Marketing, VP of Sales and now EVP of Sales. Angie’s focus has been on the development of people and increasing business opportunities for NAVCO’s strategic growth in the United States.

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