Unicorns of the Security Industry

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Unicorns of the Security Industry

There are a couple different definitions of the word ‘unicorn’.  It can mean a mythical creature typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead. Or it can mean something that is highly desirable but difficult to find or retain.  In the security system integration industry, technicians who are skilled at both video and access control are referred to as unicorns.

Great team members, so-called “unicorns”, can be hard to find and even harder to retain.  Job seekers are not only looking for a secure job with competitive pay but are also examining their benefits more closely.  One major perk that our employees enjoy is the opportunity to become an employee-owner: a benefit of working for an employee-owned company. All our employees are personally and financially invested in delivering the best possible experience to our customers.  Our employee-owners understand that a satisfied customer can give us more business. If a customer becomes a fan, they will spread their satisfaction to others, referring new business and helping us build our brand.

Having the opportunity to learn new skills on the job and grow professionally is another big perk.  So, instead of relying on luck as a means of attracting such an elusive creature as this so-called “unicorn”, at NAVCO we’ve taken a different approach. We have crafted an internal training program to create our own well-rounded technicians and installers. We provide the initial and ongoing education and training for our people to become experts; multi-skilled technicians who are proficient in both video and access control.  We encourage all our employee owners to seek additional training and ongoing education to continually improve their skills, and to learn new ones. This not only benefits us as a company, but also helps our people to build an invaluable skillset that benefits everyone.

And because there is more that goes into making a great technician than just technical training, they are also taught to live and work by our NAVCO values. Practicing this set of core values daily, always doing our best for our customers, and having a genuine desire to achieve a picture-perfect installation of any security system we install are all important ingredients that go into creating that “perfect” field expert. Mix these with the best and most up-to-date technical training, and you may have just found that extra bit of magic that goes into creating a unicorn.

As our company grows, we are always looking for opportunities to be better. Finding or creating unicorns benefits us all – our company, our employee-owners, and our customers.

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About the Author:

Juli Rodriguez began working with NAVCO as a Marketing Consultant in 2009.  In 2011, Juli was hired on full time as the Marketing Manager at NAVCO focusing on managing the corporate brand and supporting the national sales team.  In 2017 after successfully growing the brand presence and taking on additional responsibilities, Juli was promoted into her current role as the Director of Marketing and Events.  Juli enjoys representing NAVCO at trade shows and events around the country and working with the sales team to build relationships with our customers and vendor partners.

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