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Cutting Edge Cameras, Combined with NAVCO’s Expertise is an Unstoppable Combination

Unless you’re in the security systems business, understanding the different choices and specs around digital security cameras can be daunting at best. How do you know what features are essential to protecting your employees and customers, and which ones are just upsells?

At NAVCO, we know our customers want the latest and greatest technology to secure their businesses and assets, including business security cameras. We also realize that our clients live in a world of financial, physical, and logistical constraints. Our customers want to get the best value for their investment in a security system without compromising quality.

Here are some of the features you should look for when your business is looking for security cameras.

HD Resolution Business Security Cameras

A high-definition security camera is no longer a luxury; it should be standard issue. As a business owner, you need all the data your camera can gather to maximize the protection and the ROI your security system grants you. After all, you can only see as well as your camera can.

camera’s resolution should be sharp enough not only to capture facial features, but also to capture license plates and other data that are critical in prosecuting property crimes.

Be sure to buy a camera that has a resolution of at least 1080p but you should really invest in 4k resolution for mixed lighting conditions to deliver amazing detail over a large area.


It might seem like overkill to think about securing your security camera, but this element of your system is absolutely critical. We live in a day when everything from phones to parking meters to baby monitors are connected to the internet. There’s no sense in physically securing your property while leaving your organization digitally vulnerable to hackers.

When shopping for a security system, ensure that your vendor and hardware can maintain the system’s integrity. This means having preventions in place for downtime, disabling access to the operating system or any other backdoors, fully encrypted communication, and automatic pushes for fixes and updates.

Security system providers should also take appropriate steps to securely transmit and store video footage. Look for a vendor with centralized user control and strong password enforcement to prevent unauthorized access to your data. These security measures are included in all of our vendor’s cameras.

Bandwidth Management for Business Security Cameras

Anyone who’s ever twiddled their thumbs waiting for a YouTube clip to load knows that transmitting video takes up a lot of network bandwidth. This is particularly true for HD security footage.

A good security system will be able to compress, transmit, and store the video feed without sacrificing quality. Keep an eye out for systems that store the entire HD footage, but transmit a reduced image to your workstation to get the footage you are looking for quickly. This is usually adequate to address any security problems, but you can request the full-fledged HD footage anytime you need it.

Optimize Your Installation with NAVCO

Too many customers spend all their time looking at the features of their digital security system and not enough time looking at the vendor that will support it long-term. A business may purchase top-of-the-line business security cameras with high definition, but without a properly secured network, logistically sound layout, and adequate customer support, their hefty security investment may not be worth much.

At NAVCO, we not only equip our customers with best-in-the-business technology, but we also offer best-in-the-business installation and customer service. From the initial client meeting to the moment the technician finishes installation and training, NAVCO is committed to excellence every step of the way. This is evidenced by our track record of picture-perfect installations 97% of the time.

And if a problem arises, NAVCO’s technicians are able to fix it in an average of 1.1 trips. Other industry providers take an average of 3 trips to resolve their customers’ problems.

At NAVCO, we believe that although an effective security system starts with the right products, ultimately  your security system is only as good as the people behind it. If you’re looking for the perfect combination, start with our vendor’s products and the experts at NAVCO to  support your digital security system. Call NAVCO today.

About the Author:

Juli Rodriguez began working with NAVCO as a Marketing Consultant in 2009.  In 2011, Juli was hired on full time as the Marketing Manager at NAVCO focusing on managing the corporate brand and supporting the national sales team.  In 2017 after successfully growing the brand presence and taking on additional responsibilities, Juli was promoted into her current role as the Director of Marketing and Events.  Juli enjoys representing NAVCO at trade shows and events around the country and working with the sales team to build relationships with our customers and vendor partners.

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