Quality and The Importance of Proper Invoicing

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Quality and The Importance of Proper Invoicing

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, invoicing is “an itemized list of goods or services usually specifying the price and the terms of the sale.”  It is an essential part of business that allows both the customer and vendor to track transactions; Invoices should be accurate, timely and submitted properly.

Trust is at the core of every good customer-vendor relationship.  NAVCO reviews our invoices for accuracy to build and maintain trust with our customers. We understand that by delivering quality invoices we can build trust with our customers. We take steps to ensure the contract and invoice match, and we use tax software to ensure the tax liabilities are correct. Accurate invoices allow for quick processing by our customers and prevents delays in payment. Inaccurate invoices cause extra work for both the customer and NAVCO, and affect efficiency.

NAVCO aims to send out invoices in a timely manner, allowing our customers time to review and process the invoice. New technology has permitted a lot of customers to automate their Accounts Payable systems. Punctually sent invoices help the customer route them for approval, record them properly, and allow for promptly processed payments.

NAVCO can accommodate most of our customer requests for submitting invoices, such as: USPS Mail service, email, invoicing portals, csv files, etc. We can also submit additional forms when required, including Payment Applications, AIA forms, Waiver and Release forms, Substantial Completions Forms, and Lien Waivers. We have two notaries on staff to provide notary services when required.

NAVCO’s receivables department is here to help our customers with any questions relating to their invoices or account. They can answer most questions but if they cannot answer your question, they can connect you with the appropriate party who can. They will also contact you for past due invoices and can take credit card payments over the phone for your convenience.

The receivables department may be contacted by:

  •      Calling NAVCO Accounts Receivables line at 714-779-7499, selecting option 4 – Accounting, then option 1 – Accounts Receivable
  • Emailing the Accounts Receivable team at receivables@navco.com

About the Author:

Jeanette has 17 years of accounting experience. She started her career in accounting while working at a national testing company as an Accounting Clerk in 2005. She held multiple accounting positions throughout her 13-year tenure where she gained experience in AP, AR, payroll, general ledger, cost accounting, and acquisitions. She ended her tenure there as the Accounts Payable Manager/ Staff Accountant. Jeanette started at NAVCO as the Accounts Receivable Manager in 2018 and continued learning. She was promoted to the Director of Administrative Services June of 2022.

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