NAVCO Company Values

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More than just values. How our beliefs impact service at NAVCO.

All we do at NAVCO is driven by our six company values:

  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Respect

On the surface, this might look like your average feel-good, rah-rah corporate mission statement. After all, what company doesn’t strive for quality products and services and teamwork among staff members? 

What makes NAVCO’s values different from any other company? These values have a real impact  where the rubber meets the road: our service. Let’s unpack how these ideas affect our approach to service and our whole outlook.


At NAVCO, we strive for honesty in all our communications—even when it’s bad news. We believe in founding customer relationships based on truth and trust. 

We set reasonable expectations and strive to exceed them. And if there’s a project or feature we can’t provide, we’ll let you know. Honesty and trust allows us to partner with our customers to see problems as they really are and collaborate on solutions to tackle them.


If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We do all we can to get it right the first time,  and that goes for everything from sales meetings to installation plans to service calls.

If you want a good indicator of a quality product or service, look at the details. Our team is constantly monitoring quality in dozens of metrics, from having reliable parts on our trucks to measuring the caliber of our service calls. It takes us an average of 1.1 trips to fix any service issue, compared to an industry average of 3.0. If you are tired of having to settle with your present integrator, contact NAVCO today.

Though we are proud of our track record and progress, we are always striving to improve NAVCO’s quality. We foster growth and progress in our employees as well as our internal processes, always striving to make things better.


Most companies encourage collaboration and cooperation among their employees at their business. At NAVCO, however, the employees OWN  the business. 

We’re proud to be an employee-owned company through our employee stock ownership plan. This takes teamwork at NAVCO to a whole new level, as employees see themselves as an integral part of the whole and a literal owner of the business they serve. This translates to more pride in their work and a greater commitment to customer care.


If an object has integrity, it is structurally sound and consistent the whole way through. At NAVCO, we’ve refined our onboarding process to be seamless, with every client, salesperson, and technician on the same page.

We’ve added three different options for alerting our customer service department: phone, email, and a message in the NAVCO portal. The portal provides transparency to our customers, so they can follow up in real-time and see what’s being done on our end about their problem.

When integrity and consistency permeates our processes, there are fewer miscommunications and mistakes. 


A slick salesperson can sweet talk quite a few people into buying, but it takes true commitment and responsibility to get a customer to stay. Our ability to respond to our customers’ needs is evident in our 99 percent customer retention rate. 

We stand behind our products and our services, and we are honored that nearly every customer that signs on with NAVCO wants to stay with us.


Customer service is arguably more important than product features or price point. Caring for our customers—really listening to their needs and doing all we can to meet them—shows respect. 

We know that every hour of downtime is an hour our customer’s place of work is left vulnerable. We know that the time customers spend working with our support team is time not spent on their own business. That’s why we are so proud of our Trips to Resolutions KPI: it takes a NAVCO service employee just 1.1 trips to resolve a customer’s issue. (For perspective, the industry standard is 3 trips.) 

By striving to get that number as close to 1 as possible, we demonstrate that we respect our customers’ time and businesses. 

Final Thoughts

Great customer service isn’t the driving force behind NAVCO. Rather, it’s the natural result of our commitment to these values. 

NAVCO’s values don’t just show up in employee training manuals or hanging in a nice frame in the lobby—they show up everyday on the truck during a service call, in the tone of voice of our support staff, and in the meticulous measurements we use to gauge how well we serve our customers. 

At NAVCO, we have seen that working each day to embody honesty, quality, teamwork, integrity, responsibility, and respect is the process; satisfied, loyal customers and a growing business that employees are proud to be a part of is the result.

About the Author:

Juli Rodriguez began working with NAVCO as a Marketing Consultant in 2009.  In 2011, Juli was hired on full time as the Marketing Manager at NAVCO focusing on managing the corporate brand and supporting the national sales team.  In 2017 after successfully growing the brand presence and taking on additional responsibilities, Juli was promoted into her current role as the Director of Marketing and Events.  Juli enjoys representing NAVCO at trade shows and events around the country and working with the sales team to build relationships with our customers and vendor partners.

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