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Service: The Key to Success

The key to a successful security installation is the future service. You can have the best equipment installed, but when it goes down, what will happen? How long will it take your service company to get it back to full operation? Some companies like to brag about a rapid first response to the problem, but the real issue is how long will your security system remain broken after you request service?

When choosing a security system integration partner, you will want to ask them what Key Performance Indicators they are measuring and how they share those statistics with you. At NAVCO, our mantra is “if it is important, measure it!” Think about what you do and what is important to your customers. For us and our customers, the number one KPI is system uptime which we demonstrate with our Trips to Resolution.

When your video, access control or alarm system is not functioning properly, your business is vulnerable. You want minimum downtime, not necessarily to receive a rapid first response. If a problem takes an average 3 calls to get fixed, then your system isn’t working until the third trip. And paying for an expedited response from a company that still takes 2-3 trips to get your system up and running is money wasted. You should select a security company that measures trips to repair, and that number should be as close to 1 as possible.

At NAVCO, we install and service security systems for businesses. And we have metrics to measure what a successful installation looks like and what a successful service call looks like. We use our NAVCO Customer Portal – a free service we offer to all of our customers – to share our key performance statistics.

If your security system integration company is really a good partner to you, they will want to share their performance with you and if necessary, strategize where and how improvements can be made. It’s really that simple.

Bill Groves – Bill received his bachelors of Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Florida.  He joined NAVCO in 1988 and started up the company’s access control division. Bill moved to California in 1990 and assumed the role of President. He grew the company to its current size and became the CEO in 2011. Bill is currently one of the two major shareholders of the company and focuses his time on promoting the mission, vision and culture of NAVCO throughout the organization. He has been actively involved with the security industry and NAVCO management for over 30 years.

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