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3 “R’s” Every Security Executive Should Remember During These Turbulent Times

As I make my daily commute up I-5 in Southern California, I look up into the hills to see the smoke from our recent fires dying down and am grateful that life looks like it’s getting back to normal for the local residents. As we begin a new week there is anticipation of more potential hurricanes, protests, and the upcoming election, with an unprecedented instability that we hope we can tell our grandkids was just the year 2020. So many people I talk with say “I just want to get past 2020” with the glimmer of hope that 2021 holds a much better quality of life for all and life just gets back to normal, whatever that looks like.

At NAVCO, one of our core values has always been integrity and how we approach our inside customer as well as our outside customer. Its who we want to be in an industry of veterans that makes us stand out with our fellow and worthy competitors. Do what you say, say what you do. Our team of National and Regional Account Managers are trained and taught to be a Trusted Advisor, to be active listeners to understand their customer’s needs first, designing and presenting a solution second.

As we look to guide our customers and future customers, through a time of instability and unrest in the world and marketplace, we want to focus on three key principles to help them during these unprecedented times.

  • Resources – NAVCO’s goal is to always provide consistent communication and responsiveness to our customers. A comprehensive maintenance plan is critical to make sure current systems are up and running and can provide valuable evidence as needed when required. Our Maintenance plans give you access to our Customer Portal and provide real time information on eta for service and installations at no cost. We also will build a service stock of replacement parts to expedite getting your sites up and running quickly while using our team of dispatch experts.
  • Remote Services – As the world potentially shuts down and you need to have eyes on your people and assets from wherever you are. We have the ability to provide a 24/7 managed service program to look in on your sites and repair your systems – often without even rolling a truck. Remote troubleshooting and managed alerts will give you peace of mind that your location is being monitored and addressed real time.
  • Reengineering – At NAVCO we work with customers to maximize their current investments and create a technology plan or refresh program to stay within their budget without a “rip and replace” strategy. Our solution design resources can provide and rework existing equipment with a new design for the current needs of our world. Options such as bolt-on analytics for crowd sourcing, or an audio program with IP speakers and voice down capabilities provide valuable information to your customers or potential trespassers. Potential modifications to your systems can also allow curbside “To Go” options or mask detection with your public view monitors. All these features can be used with some redesign and reengineering to rethink how you combat a different security strategy today.

Being a trusted advisor is not just something we say, it is something we do. There’s the old saying in life, you never know a good partner, until you really need one. NAVCO’s goal is to be there with Resources, Remote Services and Reengineering to allow you to pivot to the new normal in the world today.

Angie Barnes – Angie Barnes, EVP Sales for NAVCO, obtained her BA in Advertising and Communications from Texas State University in 1992.  Angie has 27 years of experience in the security business in Cash Logistics and Physical Security. Angie has held positions in Strategic Sales for Brink’s Inc., in the Cash Logistics space, managing their largest national customer portfolio. Over the last 15 years here at NAVCO, she has held positions in Business Development, Director of Marketing, VP of Sales and now EVP of Sales. Angie’s focus has been on the development of people and increasing business opportunities for NAVCO’s strategic growth in the United States.

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