Technology So Complicated

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Why does technology have to be so complex?

I will have to admit that I am a bit of geek when it comes to technology.   I am that guy… The guy who has a full home automation system with lots of devices and “Alexa” all throughout the house.  Doors unlock automatically.  Lights go on/off based upon movement and lighting levels.   We even have an automatic door on our chicken pen.  Yes… we have chickens.  Another story for another time.   My wife on the other hand hates new technology and opposes anything that might take her more than 30 seconds to figure out.   Ok… more like 10 seconds.

So, what is a guy to do to keep up on his technology needs?   Simple…   “Make it simple!”  I quickly realized that in order for my wife to feel comfortable with the technology, I had to make it simple.  I now have all sorts of devices in our home working seamlessly in the background and it just works.  She not only accepts the technology in the house, now, but demands it.   She loves being able to give verbal commands to “Alexa” to make things happen and actually complained the other day when a light did not go on as she walked into a room.  I was still converting out our old light switches and hand not gotten to that room yet.

NAVCO takes a similar approach for our clients.  Our clients don’t have a lot of time to figure things out.  It needs to be simple and it just needs to work.  NAVCO puts together solutions that are customized to our client’s needs.  Once installed, we help them to manage and maintain it.  Many of our cloud-based solutions even have the ability for us to monitor the system remotely, recognize a problem and fix it before our clients were even aware there was a problem.

For instance, one of our clients who owns and operates Gas and convenience stores in the United States reached out to us to help with their CCTV solution.  They were struggling with older technology and multiple software applications to run it.  NAVCO analyzed their needs and current systems.  Developed a cost effective strategy to address all of their issues and ultimately implemented it.  They now have one simple to use software application that is available on both PC’s and mobile. It includes POS monitoring integrated into their CCTV system as well as health monitoring of the system by NAVCO.  The consistent feedback NAVCO received from the client is that it was “really easy to use”.  We made it simple and we made it work for them.

If you or your company just need things to be simple and work, reach out to a NAVCO trusted advisor.  We will make it simple and it will work.

My next goal on the home front is to figure out how to teach my wife to use her phone.  She keeps trying to activate her iPhone by calling out “Alexa”.  Go figure!

NAVCO… Keeping it simple… Making it work!

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