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It’s Not Just an Alarm Panel Anymore

For almost 50 years now, NAVCO has built a reputation as a business security specialist among a growing list of market leaders. Our clients have come to rely on NAVCO as a trusted, expert partner for electronic security solutions that support business goals and adapt easily to meet evolving business needs. Our clients appreciate the fact that we stand behind our solutions, lowering total cost of ownership and anticipating their future technology needs. One of those needs is the modern-day alarm panel and systems for our commercially based customers.

As security technology continues to evolve, so do today’s modern alarm panels. As we enter an age where protection of commercial assets, people and property is at a heightened level, ease of use, remote capabilities and the ability to integrate with other security platforms are critical for the end user.

The modern-day alarm panels now have the capability to turn your lights on or off as you drive up or away with new geofencing features. Using a virtual keypad app on your mobile device, the tap of a button enables remote thermostat monitoring and automation to save on energy bills, eliminating the need to heat or cool a location when employees are not in the building. The new app features also allow you to control arming and disarming of the panels while monitoring your asset’s from anywhere in the world or just sitting at home.  Regardless if you have one location or multiple locations, you can control them all from the app on your phone or tablet, staying in touch with your asset’s while working remotely.

How do you create a technology roadmap to assess your current system, and at what point you should consider upgrading your existing system or moving to one of these new platforms?

  • Commit yourself to a site walk with a trusted integrator to assess what you have today, what would be needed for a panel swap or upgrade, and any ancillary devices to help you manage and utilize the new technology today.
  • Request a quote for remote monitoring. Since new features on video verification as well as new remote services are available to manage code changes, troubleshooting etc. that will be helpful for you and your employee’s. Also, the market has become more competitive allowing you to possibly add to your ROI with a reduction in cost for monitoring your locations with a new system.
  • Assess your current video system to see if they have established integration path with the new alarm panels options allowing you to marry your video and alarm system. This will provide you an excellent way to obtain evidence if your property has been vandalized or perimeters breeched in some form.

It is important to take time to review your alarm strategy and evaluate all your options today. This will allow you to take advantage of the newer technology in most cases at a similar price and plan you use today. Remember, it’s not just an alarm panel anymore.

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