Incorporating Audio to Security

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The Benefits of Incorporating Audio as Part of Your Security Strategy

In today’s world, when you think of security, you most likely think of video, alarms and access control. But another player in the security space is Audio.

In certain situations, the need to make immediate announcements to customers and employees, or to quickly provide instructions to people in or near an area for safety purposes has become an unfortunate reality. These situations happen across a variety of industries – in grocery or retail stores, banks, schools and even in corporate office settings. In emergency situations, having the ability to make live announcements can save lives.

Implementing live or scheduled announcements in different areas or zones at the right time and right place is also important, especially during times when there are public health concerns. Reminding people of social distancing or a change in checkout procedures is a current need. Pre-scheduled reminders that play at set times throughout the day can be helpful to shoppers whose main focus is on searching for the items that they need.

The presence of audio can also deter criminals from targeting your business.  There are audio solutions available that can detect signs of impending trouble, like shouting, glass breaking and gunshots. Imagine having the ability to react quicker and more efficiently to an emergency, because your security system is listening for signs of trouble. Minimizing the safety risk of your customers, employees and property is just one significant benefit of including audio.

Audio can also tie into your video analytics, be used with geofencing, or with other sensors to play specified messages when virtual trip-lines are crossed. For example, you can set announcements that direct people to hand sanitizer stations or to wipe stations where they can sanitize their shopping carts upon entering your business.  Keeping people out of restricted areas for safety reasons is another example of the benefits audio can provide.

The addition of audio to your video surveillance system can be a cost-effective way to automate information and reminders for safety.  And when the audio system is not in use for scheduled or live announcements, it can provide background music, creating a calming ambiance.

Audio can be an invaluable asset to your business security solution. A professional security integrator, like NAVCO, can help you in assessing how the use of audio can complement your overall security strategy, and the potential ROI to your business.

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