Fever Cameras Silver Bullets

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Fever Cameras and Silver Bullets

As CEOs and corporate security executives you are now called to provide leadership in how to open our businesses up while making it as safe as possible for everyone. Cameras that have the ability to detect the temperature on the surface of someone’s skin seems to be all the rage today. I look to these temperature sensing cameras to be just like armed security guards; in specific cases “armed guns” are the best way to deter and prevent a crime.

Today more than ever, every single tool used to keep our employees and customers safe needs to be analyzed in the same way we would consider deploying armed security guards. Cheaper is not better and expectations must be clearly defined and monitored. Fever Cameras are amazing pieces of technology but must be used by trained professionals that understand their shortcomings and how to make them perform.

Define a process that includes secondary screening protocol such as a forehead thermometer to test those individuals whose thermal scans show an elevated temperature. The process should include cleaning of the testing devices as well as PPE gear for the individuals that are monitoring and assisting in the thermal testing process.

Take into consideration the state and federal regulations and requirements that are involved with this kind of testing to make sure that your business is compliant so that you avoid violations and potential lawsuits. Consult the CDC for guidelines to properly incorporate health and safety procedures into your process.

Be aware that this kind of technology requires ongoing maintenance. Periodic calibration is required to keep the system accurate. Something as minor as climate changes can affect correct temperature detection.

The current protocol of wearing masks in public can also have a big effect on proper thermal screening as it can obscure a large portion of the face. Even glasses and facial hair can affect proper detection. You will want to be mindful of this when deciding upon your screening procedures.

At NAVCO we pride ourselves on being Trusted Advisors to our customers to help them pick and deploy the right technologies to accomplish their goals. There is a lot of technology out there that can help us manage people so our workplaces are safer in this new Covid-19 world. It would be nice to live in a world with perfect solutions, like silver bullets, but as professionals we know there is no perfect solution to deal with Covid-19 in the workplace. Temperature sensing cameras can have a place if deployed properly, just don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making it your only tool to fight the virus.

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