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4 Game Changers for Your Business Security Plan

Over the past few months, we have had to make changes to the way we do business to accommodate social distancing and stay at home orders.  Many businesses have quickly adapted, coming up with new methods and strategies to deliver their products safely to customers.

Below are four technologies that have been adapted for use in other industries or are emerging as gamechangers for keeping some businesses open and thriving.

  1. The Curbside Experience – using video analytics
    As stores/offices are closed, we are seeing the curbside processes used by restaurants being implemented for retail stores, grocery stores, banks, veterinarians and more…
  • Using video analytics, a camera is installed to view live video of designated parking space(s)
  • Get notified the moment your customer arrives
  • Improve the start time of the curbside process, provide quicker turnaround, allowing more customers to enter the space(s)

This solution will improve the customer experience by allowing you to know the
moment the customer arrives.

  1. Remote Access Control – with cloud-based systems
    New cloud-based access control systems give you the flexibility to grant temporary building or door access cards via smartphone
  • Allow service personnel, delivery drivers, mail carriers, anyone you choose, to access your building with a moment’s notice
  • Grant access to potential residents for virtual tours of living or workspaces
  • Centrally manage and monitor access permissions and use access logs to view record of access granted
  1. Audio – added to video surveillance or used with geofencing
    Adding audio to your video surveillance system can be a cost-effective way to automate announcements, information, and reminders for safety. It can also tie into your video analytics and be used with geofencing to play specific messages.
  • Automate or make live or scheduled announcements in different areas/zones, and at the right times such as social distancing reminders, checkout procedures, safety reminders, flash sales, live demos, etc.
  • Improve security on your premises with event-triggered announcements and direct callouts. Configure geofencing triggers to play certain messages if someone enters restricted or “Employee Only” areas
  • Create a welcoming ambiance with easy and flexible scheduling of great-sounding background music
  1. Thermal/Heat detection technology – to detect potentially sick individuals and prompt for further screening*
    Used as a first line of defense to prevent potentially sick people from entering while they have an elevated temperature, the spread of illness may be curbed.
  • Scan the temperature of employees as they enter the lobby of Distribution Centers or corporate offices. If temperature is detected, the employee can be pulled aside to verify temp and sent home if necessary
  • System can be standalone or tie into a VMS. Secondary image camera can be added as well
  • Local recording

*Temperature alone does not necessarily indicate the presence of Covid-19 or any other
illness. This technology cannot be used to diagnose any illness.

It is important to continually evolve your go-to market strategy over time.  But with the current state of the world, essential businesses have been forced to quickly adapt in order to protect customers and employees.  These strategies can all help provide a safer environment for everyone.

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