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What is Quality really?

What is Quality really?

Quality is such an overused term with so many meanings, yet it truly needs to be defined when looking for a security integration partner to rely upon.

Wikipedia, the global keeper of “collective knowledge” defines quality in business as “a perceptual, conditional, and somewhat subjective attribute and may be understood differently by different people…….. Simply put, a quality item (an item that has quality) has the ability to perform satisfactorily in service and is suitable for its intended purpose.”

At NAVCO, we talk about delivering quality too, but how we define it and deliver it is how we attempt to make a difference in the marketplace. Like many companies, we have a set of company values that defines acceptable behaviors and expectations. These values are a way to bond a group of individuals into a team with a common purpose and process to get things done. NAVCO’s values are organized in a pyramid of values where each builds on the other, allowing each employee to work together to ultimately deliver quality to our customers and be a representation of quality to others.

The base of our Pyramid of Values is Teamwork, Integrity and Respect. These three are the core of what it takes to be an employee at NAVCO. Teamwork at NAVCO means that all must be able to work as a fully functional, practiced, and process-centric team working together to deliver on customer needs. Integrity at NAVCO gives us trust that the other will do what needs to be done and respect each other’s role in the process.

The second level of the pyramid is Responsibility and Honesty.  This is where our employees show their commitments to our customers by taking on their challenges and becoming both responsible for them as well as honest partners to get them done. Letting customers know about schedules, deadlines, setbacks and new issues that arise with honesty so a joint solution can be attained BEFORE people can be embarrassed or upset with surprises.

Quality stands on top of the NAVCO pyramid of values. Quality is delivering what is needed, when it is needed, how it is needed, while exceeding expectations.

Each customer interaction allows us the opportunity to earn another. Something as simple as a service call where we strive to deliver our “95% first-time-fix” promise usually allows us to move forward on a more involved relationship. Our top customers include us with their own teams to build their 5 year technology roadmap document to communicate to senior management where they are, where they plan to go, the costs to do so, as well as the return on investment in doing so.

NAVCO delivers quality, so our customers can also deliver quality to their organizations.

Your future is secure with NAVCO.

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