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If it flies, floats or records, rent it…


Why is it that only the uber rich own their own planes and yachts while the rest of us that have a budget to live within rent space on them when we need them?  It’s because the uber rich have so much money that what they WANT is more important than what they need.

Why is it that most of America’s consumers of TV, videos and music now rent what they want when they want it?  Few own a dedicated DVR, DVD or CD player.  Consumers today use iCloud, Hulu, iTunes, Redbox and Netflix, YouTube, and rented DVRs so they see the pictures they want, when they want them.

So, with all this said, why in the commercial space is it that 99% of all users of digital video recorders buy them instead of rent them?

I blame momentum, fear, and ignorance.

Momentum because “that’s how we did it last year”.  Every year you get a capital and operating budget to spend.  There is already a staff in place to manage what is already in place.  People are busy.  Why rock the boat?  It all gets done doesn’t it?

Fear because they don’t want to go to the CFO to talk about a different way to do things.  Because the CFO loves to talk bean counter talk, and we don’t speak bean counter talk.  No need to look foolish in front of someone that speaks a different language.

Ignorance is only bliss when it’s not your job to find new ways to deliver value to your employer.  If you don’t have the authority or desire to help the company change and explore new ways to ultimately save money, why do it?

But…if you are a rebel, consider a new procedure in managing your security infrastructure.  Consider entering into an agreement with your technology supplier for them to rent you the recorders you use while you own the pictures being recorded on them.  Make your integrator commit to 99.9% uptime.  Demand monthly reports and immediate alerts that verify you are recording the pictures as contracted.

If you are in the business of needing video evidence to catch bad guys, may I suggest that if your entire staff can focus on what your pictures mean, and avoid the time required to make sure your vendors can fix what you own, your company would be better for it.  Good partners insure mutual success.

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