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There are constant demands on property managers from owners, tenants, third-party vendors and more. A property management team needs solutions and not more complexity. That’s why a customized, comprehensive, integrated electronic security system is one of the most powerful tools a property manager can have to ensure the safety of their tenants and the efficiency of their business.

Cloud-based electronic security systems streamline and simplify many of the tasks property managers handle each day. An integrated system makes it easy to coordinate access for repair contractors, managing tenant move-ins and move-outs, and monitoring problem areas for suspicious activity with a few taps on your smartphone or laptop. Real-time updates give you the ability to respond faster to threats and inform your decision-making.

How can an integrated security system improve your business?

A Complete Suite of Property Management Solutions

Video Surveillance

Get real-time views of access points and easily access visual records.

Mobile Management

Manage security from any location and enable users to open doors with phones.

Identity Management

Seamlessly update user identity information across IT systems and applications.

Visitor Management

Create welcoming and safe environment for visitors while automating tracking.

Elevator Control

See who has access to floors, and manage cab traffic in in tower buildings.

Access Control

The sheer number of people that need access to a building or unit is mind-boggling: tenants, property managers, cleaning staff, utility workers, repair personnel, electricians, plumbers, and so on.

Electronic access control makes giving out keys and late-night visits to locked-out tenants things of the past. Now, you can control access for each of your units and areas from your phone or mobile device on the go. You can set access to expire (for third-party vendors such as repair personnel) and change the locks the instant a tenant moves out. With electronic access control, you also have a convenient audit trail of who has accessed what area and when.

A new access control system can:

  • Eliminate the need for onsite guards
  • Cut the cost of having a concierge team
  • Remove the need for archaic intercoms and access points
  • Allow tenants to grant temporary access to visitors and repair personnel
  • Integrate security with a third-party property management software
  • Give your tenants easy access to their “Smart Home” all from one app

Remote Central Monitoring

Oversee multiple locations or buildings from one central dashboard with centralized remote monitoring. Each of your employees in your organization (regardless of location) will be trained on the same system. You can also set up custom alerts so you can get notifications for problems in real-time.

Centralized remote monitoring reduces your need to be on-site to take care of small issues or check up on your properties—you can do it all from wherever you are.

Indoor/Outdoor Video Surveillance

With cloud-based technology, you can get real-time access to indoor or outdoor video footage on your computer, tablet, or phone. Boost the safety of your employees and tenants by monitoring problem areas (parking garages, dumpsters, back doors, or remote areas of the property). You can also use our intelligent analytics to get automatic notifications to your phone if something goes wrong.

The NAVCO Difference

Protection = Profitability

Having the extra “eyes and ears” of an integrated access control system not only increases the level of protection for your business, but it increases the profitability as well.

Monitored security cameras can eliminate the need for onsite guards, and cloud-based access control can reduce your dependence on concierge staff to let tenants and third-party personnel in and out. These solutions also help you intervene on minor issues, such as loitering or unauthorized access, and prevent them from becoming costly problems like vandalism or lawsuits.

A modern security system with features like access control from an app, a web portal to report problems, and 24/7 monitored surveillance is also attractive to top-tier tenants who are willing to pay for the additional convenience and security it provides.

NAVCO – Your One-Stop Shop for Security Systems

Cobbling together the various elements of a complete security system from various vendors is technically difficult and a major headache. And it leaves you with more points of vulnerability for breakdowns and security gaps. At NAVCO, we know that each location has unique requirements and challenges for staying protected. Our process starts with a site audit to see which features and technology solutions will work best for your business. We integrate each element to work as one seamless system. We are committed to making each installation picture perfect and boast a 97% success rate.

We provide your staff with on-site training so they will be familiar with the system that keeps them safe.

Once your customized security system is installed, NAVCO will be your ongoing partner, automatically updating and supporting your software and hardware.

Are you ready for all the benefits that an integrated security system has to offer? Give the security experts at NAVCO a call at (800) 788-3779 for a free site audit of your property or business.

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