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Grocery Stores

Running a profitable grocery store chain means keeping a lid on shoplifting, employee theft, vendor shorting and fraudulent customer claims. Outdated security technology simply doesn’t offer the capabilities to meet the complete security needs of grocery stores with multiple locations. NAVCO partners with national grocery stores to help simplify, unify and modernize their enterprise electronic security systems and protect their profits.

grocery store security integrators

For stores with one location or one hundred, we streamline electronic security systems with a uniform solution that greatly simplifies administration, while improving visibility into all areas of every store. We develop practical plans for moving storewide systems to a single network solution that provides remote access to video and data as well as remote administration. This reduces travel time and costs, while also securing inventory, people and profits.


Market Chain Declares NAVCO TOPS In Security

Of the 5 vendors vying for the contract, TOPS selected NAVCO as the only security system expert...

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The Challenge:

Since opening its first family-owned store in the 1920s, TOPS Friendly Markets has grown to become one of the nation's leading grocery retailers. As part of its expansion, in 2007, the TOPS franchise was purchased by Morgan Stanley Private Equity, which allowed the company to continue operating as an independent, locally owned organization—true to its roots.

Following the purchase, TOPS Markets had a key decision to make: with the expiration of its current video surveillance system provider contract, whom would the company select to take the organization into the forefront of security technology?

The Solution:

Starting in June 2009, TOPS Market’s leadership and NAVCO began collaborating to identify the video security requirements for a new maintenance contract. After completing a thorough assessment, TOPS understood it would require a contract that covered a full range of needs. Of the 5 vendors vying for the contract, TOPS selected NAVCO as the only security system expert capable of meeting the company's complete video surveillance requirements across 135 stores.

The Results:

Now the sole provider of video surveillance for TOPS Markets, NAVCO is in the process of implementing an efficient and cost-effective solution to meet the client's immediate needs, while preparing them for future requirements. TOPS Markets anticipates saving significant time and money by simplifying, unifying and modernizing the technology they use. And they look to NAVCO for the support and services to keep their investment operating at peak performance.

Five years later, TOPS is still receiving exceptional service from NAVCO – including a 95% First-Time-Fix rate on all service calls.

“The service we receive from NAVCO is top notch and unmatched by any other vendor we’ve used in the past. We look forward to working with NAVCO for years to come.”

– Mike Daggs, Asset Protection Specialist, Tops Markets, LLC



  • TOPS Markets initially partnered with NAVCO in 2009 to identify requirements for the company's new video surveillance maintenance contract.
  • NAVCO won the contract, beating out 5 vendors to become TOPS's sole provider of video surveillance.
  • NAVCO is currently implementing cost-effective and efficient systems for 135 TOPS stores.

Safeway Converts to IP Cameras with NAVCO’s Help

Safeway Grocery Stores began in 1915 with a single tiny grocery store. From there, Safeway expanded to 1,600 stores across U.S. and Canada. Today, Safeway operates 5 brands including Vons, Randall’s, Tom Thumb and Carrs and is a household name and a vital part of the community.

NAVCO began talking to Safeway’s Phoenix Division early in 2013 about their security goals and needs — including a full IP conversion. Impressed with NAVCO’s transparency, technical expertise, and national presence, Safeway selected NAVCO. And in 2013, NAVCO assisted Safeway in converting two stores to IP cameras, as well as managing a 100-store pharmacy roll out in the company’s Phoenix Division.

On the heels of this successful conversion and rollout, Safeway’s Phoenix Division has chosen NAVCO to be the primary partner to convert and service all 115 stores to IP. NAVCO is currently in talks with Safeway Northern California Division, Northwest Division, and the Texas Division to provide service to these regions as well.


Price Chopper Recognizes the Value on System Integrated

Price Chopper is a large family-owned chain of more than 125 supermarkets across the Northeast. With a history of perseverance and a strong work ethic, they continue their mission of caring about customers and giving back to the community.

Over the past five years, NAVCO has been Price Chopper’s trusted security partner, securing corporate headquarters, distribution centers and stores. Price Chopper understands that a strong partnership with a security integrator like NAVCO is an important investment; that is why they have spent over 1 million dollars on security system investments to date. The company credits NAVCO’s prompt response to all installation and service needs for ensuring those investments generate a return.

“Price Chopper looks forward to a very busy year and NAVCO will be on hand providing excellent service and installation at every opportunity.”

— James Rosscoe, Senior Analyst – LP, Price Chopper


Big Y Sees Big Returns from NAVCO Partnership

Big Y is one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England. Seventy-six years after opening its first stores, Big Y is still a family-owned business operating over 60 supermarket locations.

Big Y selected NAVCO as their security partner of choice — a decision that proved to be the right one. Big Y has enjoyed excellent service and response time from NAVCO for their day-to-day service needs. The company relied on NAVCO for security system installations for their last three new store openings. To date, Big Y has invested $350,000 in protecting their assets with NAVCO, a true testimony to the trust and value of the partnership.

“The NAVCO service team has been prompt and gone above and beyond to make sure that the new store security systems were ready for the grand openings. The NAVCO staff worked hand-in-hand with Big Y onsite staff, as well as management in project meetings to get the systems installed on time and on budget.”

— Maureen Fuller , LP Field Manager, Big Y Foods, Inc.

The company relied on NAVCO for security system installations for their last three new store openings.

Fairway Markets Meets Aggressive Timeline on New Stores

New York-based Fairway Market is one of the nation’s highest grossing food retailers by square foot. When Jim Walters, newly hired Director of Security first approached NAVCO in 2008, he was tasked with expanding his team and getting up-to-date on security technology. To keep up with Fairway’s aggressive plans to add three new stores a year outside the New York market, Jim realized Fairway needed a security systems partner that could grow with the company — not just the one-man shop they were currently using.

After a thorough needs assessment, NAVCO helped design a security solution that would ultimately exceed Jim’s goals for Fairways’ stores. Awarded a three-year contract, NAVCO developed a complete turnkey security solution utilizing a mix of analog and IP megapixel cameras tied to a March Networks NVR. Intercoms, alarm and access control completed the integration. NAVCO additionally provided project management for all design, cabling, installation and extended service agreements.

Fairway’s security team has seen a wide range of benefits from the NAVCO solution. Aside from addressing the typical shoplifting challenges any retailer faces, the CCTV system has proven itself useful in reducing slip and fall liability claims, vendor shortages, employee theft, and safety non-compliance.

With new supermarkets going up in less than three months, Fairway needed a vendor who could provide excellent communication, coordination and timely completion of deadlines. NAVCO delivered on all fronts, with a strong project management and team approach that kept the project on schedule and within budget. This “can do” attitude keeps Fairway coming back to NAVCO every time.

NAVCO helped design a security solution that would ultimately exceed goals for Fairways’ stores.