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Convenience Stores

For multisite convenience stores, ensuring employee safety while reducing inventory shrink is a challenge—and a must. Achieving both requires robust electronic security systems that deliver reliable, consistent performance, and transactional information that’s simple to confirm. In every store.

NAVCO works with convenience stores to implement, integrate and support electronic security solutions that connect our customers to per-transaction data needed to stop shrink losses, while keeping employees safe and productive. We update and unify electronic security systems across multiple stores. And we provide remote visibility of all in-store activity, allowing customers to track and manage cash register events to reduce shrinkage, from anywhere, through their network. Saving significant travel time and costs in the process.

Convenience Stores security integration

Large Oil Retailer Reduces Costs Through Remote Security System Access

NAVCO ultimately deployed a long-term solution to update existing video systems across the customer’s U.S.-based network...

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The Challenge:

NAVCO was contacted by one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies that offers marketing support to approximately 22,000 branded service stations, owns and operates 450 convenience and fuel stores in California, Oregon, Washington and Florida, and has over 5,000 franchised stores nationwide.

The oil retailer’s in-store security systems were not measuring up to the company’s need for reliability, ease-of-use, remote access to video footage, and employee safety and efficiency. The company looked to NAVCO for a better solution.

The Solution:

Starting in 2006, NAVCO conducted quarterly meetings with the retailer’s senior management to evaluate the client’s system design and performance needs, as well as the technologies best suited to address them. NAVCO ultimately deployed a long-term solution to update existing video systems across the customer’s U.S.-based network while enhancing remote visibility of all stores’ activity.

Collaboratively, NAVCO and the customer selected March Network’s Digital Recording System as a bridge to High Definition cameras that provide a long-term solution. Simultaneously, NAVCO recommended an easy-to-use software platform that synchronized POS data to video clips, allowing management to see and confirm every transaction in every store via their network.

To ensure a successful transition to the upgraded solution and minimize disruption to operations, NAVCO dedicated a customer service team to quickly respond to and resolve issues with older equipment that had not yet been upgraded.

The Results:

The large oil retailer now has a video security system that provides remote access as well as management to each store, while allowing robust POS searches and exceptions. Preparing for the future, NAVCO put in place a platform that allows the client to easily add and integrate IP cameras to each site—paving the way for an all-IP solution across the customer’s network.

The new systems are expected to reduce unanswered inventory shrink by over 1% of gross sales at problem stores. The ability to remotely manage the system should also cut travel costs in half.


  • Since late 2009, NAVCO has rolled out over 90 units and provided service and installation to all 450 sites.
  • NAVCO-recommended and installed solutions include NVR (Network Video Recorder) with POS Interface, Remote User Management, and new IP camera technology.
  • The oil retailer recently selected NAVCO to be its sole provider for video, service and system installation for all company-operated sites.
  • The retailer also chose NAVCO over multiple existing and other vendors because of our forward-thinking vision and customer-focused solution.

CEFCO Partners with NAVCO for Expansion Strategy

Launched in 1979 in Temple, TX, CEFCO currently operates 256 convenient stores and hopes to grow by 20 new stores a year with their Truck Stop stores serving as a flagship. As part of this strategy, CEFCO Truck Stops will be suited with a larger footprint, diesel island, and full-service restaurants. Over the next 3 years CEFCO hopes to double its current footprint through new builds and acquisition.

NAVCO began talking to CEFCO early in 2012 about their security goals and needs in relation to their expansion plans. CEFCO was drawn to the professionalism they experienced with NAVCO, as well as our ability to service all locations if needed. Due to the technical expertise of NAVCO installers, specifically with POS integration, NAVCO secured the service contract with CEFCO.

Looking ahead, CEFCO is entrusting all new construction projects to NAVCO as part of their aggressive growth plan. CEFCO has also relied on NAVCO to provide education in IP technology to maintain the camera coverage necessary for their Loss Prevention Team, and is exploring how CEFCO might reduce their costs by adopting newer technologies. NAVCO is poised to provide service in the near future for all 256 CEFCO locations.

CEFCO is entrusting all new construction projects to NAVCO as part of their aggressive growth plan.