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For over 50 years, NAVCO has been committed to innovation and world-class service. NAVCO provides electronic business security systems for both enterprise-size companies and midsize/regional businesses. Now an employee-owned company, this approach has made NAVCO one of the largest security integrators in the country, with security experts who are personally invested and dedicated to creating a safer and more financially secure environment for everyone.
Electronic Business Security Systems

Business Security Systems

NAVCO has worked with all types of companies from regional mid sized businesses to huge corporations and financial institutions and everyone in between. NAVCO doesn’t just choose and install your security systems. We want to get to know your business, understand your security challenges, assess your security needs, and determine the ideal security solution for your business and you. The next step is the design and then installation of your new system. Our expert installers get in right the first time. NAVCO even trains your security personnel to flawlessly operate your security system. We also provide ongoing support to ensure your system is operating perfectly. Our business security systems are the best available, and we back them up with expert installation and nationwide support. We want to keep your business safe from theft and robbery including “in house” losses. NAVCO understands the security struggles of business aren’t just criminal issues. We can help protect your employees, customers, building, business, assets, investment, and you!

A Complete Suite of Business Security Solutions


Video Surveillance

Get real-time views of access points and easily access visual records.


Mobile Management

Manage security from any location and enable users to open doors with phones.


Identity Management

Seamlessly update user identity information across access control systems.


Visitor Management

Create welcoming and safe environment for visitors while automating tracking.

What is a Business Security System?

A business security system is invaluable to a company who wants to protect their business, assets, employees, customers and more. These electronic security systems include video cameras and surveillance, alarms, door and window sensors, access controls and more. Protect your business with a NAVCO business security system today! We will customise and install the best security solution for your business and your budget.

What Is The Best Security System For Business?

Every business is unique. NAVCO offers the best security systems for businesses of all sizes and types. We customize your security solution with your short and long term security goals in mind. We work closely with our clients to get to know them and their business. We can create the perfect business security system for your business. We work with the top commercial security system equipment partners. This allows us to work with many different types and sizes of businesses and design security plans for most budgets. 

Business Security System
Business Security System

How Much Does A Business Security System Cost?

Business security systems can be very different from business to business. You may just be looking for high definition video cameras or a security alarm or you may want a comprehensive security system with all the bells and whistles. No matter what you are looking for in business security, we can help. NAVCO works with businesses of all sizes and with all kinds of security requirements. We work to meet your business’ security goals within your budget. We invest the time needed to know your business.

Types Of Security Systems For Business

NAVCO installs many types of security systems for business. An integrated security solution is the best way to protect your business, your assets, your employees, and your customers or clients. Some types of security systems features are video cameras, security alarms, sensors, intrusion detection, access control, and system monitoring. NAVCO offers integrated electronic security systems for business that can include some or all of these features.

Business Security System

The NAVCO Difference

Small Business Security Systems

Who Installs Commercial Business Security Systems?

NAVCO designs and installs commercial business security solutions. We want to protect your commercial business with the best video surveillance technology that can be monitored and rewatched from your phone, computer, or tablet. Along with video camera installation we offer intrusion detection, remote monitoring, alarms, and much more. We can customize your security system to integrate with existing equipment or set your system up from scratch. NAVCO offers many options to protect your commercial business. We want to understand your business so we can develop the ideal business security system for you. 

Trusted by national leaders and small businesses alike.

“The systems we put in place and the support I received has tremendously reduced my stress and helped simplify logistics. I will be forever grateful to NAVCO.”
David P.
“Extremely professional courteous employees. The knowledgeable staff educated me to make the proper decisions to ensure that my assets were secured.”
Bob D.
“We relied on NAVCO’s expertise and knowledge. They got to know our business and recommended the best solution. We’ve been thrilled with the results ever since.”
Jane A.