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Remote Monitoring & Management

Focus on Running Your Business, Not Managing Your Security System

You have a business to run—and to protect. You also have limited resources to do it. At NAVCO, we provide a wide range of remote monitoring and management services that allow you to remain focused on your daily business operations and maximize your internal resources.

With NAVCO’s enterprise remote security services, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your enterprise security system will stay up and running and at peak capacity. You’ll also be able to reduce your staffing requirements, service phone calls, overhead costs and liability.

Remote Monitoring

Our teams of experts use powerful software platforms to remotely and automatically monitor, diagnose and fix your security hardware, including alarms, around the clock. The instant we detect an issue with your security systems, we’ll alert you of the problem, then act quickly to fix it remotely—no staff needed to supervise onsite technicians. We’ll also provide you with robust summary reports of all our remote monitoring, diagnoses and fixes so you can track the health of your security systems.

Remote Monitoring services include:

  • Equipment and video health checks
  • Monthly uptime reports
  • Audits of picture quality
  • Bumped camera video analytics
  • Access control remote programming
  • Alarm system remote programming and monitoring
  • Door control and enterprise access control

Remote Diagnostic Dispatch Service

If we can’t fix your security system issue remotely, our Dispatch Service will send a NAVCO specialist to your site to fix it in person, quickly and efficiently. We have 95% first-call fix-it rate—the best in our industry. Our priority is to get your system back up and running before it impacts your business performance or bottom line.

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