NAVCO is looking to hire an Installation Representative to work out of our Corporate office in Anaheim, CA.

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NAVCO Expertise Is Always Close to You

With our nationwide network of locations strategically close to major corporate and commercial business centers, NAVCO expertise is always within easy reach. This allows us to respond quickly and nimbly to our clients' requests, whether on a local, regional or national scale.

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NAVCO specializes in enterprise security services on a national basis. NAVCO has its own people dedicated to security servcies located throughout the country, strategically located to handle 80% of the country’s major metropolitan centers. In those areas where NAVCO does not have its own people doing the work, we have vetted local experts to work for NAVCO to get the work done, while being supervised by our national project management and standards team.

This added level of supervision allows NAVCO to deliver a uniform solution to enterprise-grade customers no matter where their geographic requirements are in the USA. For customers who want standardized national pricing, NAVCO delivers. For customers who want regional pricing to uniquely address their own geographic or corporate needs NAVCO can deliver on that as well. NAVCO designs its pricing structures around our customers' specific needs instead of forcing our customers to conform to a single methodology.