Are you working with the right commercial security integrator?

If you’re not happy with your current commercial security vendor, then now’s the time to ask yourself some key questions. Then ask if you can do better.

1. What is the percentage of their own installation team vs. subcontractors you use?

Our Answer: NAVCO has a ratio of 80% NAVCO Installers/20% Subcontractors. We have a process to vet our subcontractors
to make sure that they will provide the level of excellence we require saving time, money and reducing stress.

2. What is their trips to resolution ratio for service calls?

Our Answer: NAVCO has a 1.1 Trip to Resolution rate, which means that 90% of the time we get your system up
and running on our first visit saving you money and reducing system downtime.

3. What is the average tenure of their employees?

Our Answer: NAVCO has an average employee tenure of 9 years. Our employees are well trained and given the tools they need to be successful in their positions allowing them to provide high-quality customer service.

4. Does their company have a process to onboard new customers?

Our Answer: NAVCO has an onboarding process for all new customers to communicate what you can expect from our
team and give us an opportunity to learn of any special requirements or needs you may have.

5. Does their Company have an established set of Core Values?

Our Answer: NAVCO has 6 core values that we look for in every new employee. Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Quality,
Teamwork and Responsibility. These principles guide all our interactions with customers, vendors and coworkers.

6. What is their training program to ensure expert installation of products sold?

Our Answer: NAVCO’s technicians are put through rigorous training on all the product lines that we sell. Training classes are
tracked and when additional training is added for updates or new products those classes our pushed out to the team for
completion. Their expertise is required for us to maintain our 97% Picture Perfect Installations and 1.1 Trips to Resolution

 7. Do they measure successful installations and report on it?

Our Answer: NAVCO measures Picture Perfect Installations. That consists of our sales team including all the necessary
equipment on the order, our operations team installing it correctly without having to return to fix anything within 30 days
of installation and our accounting team invoicing you correctly the first time.

8. Do they have dedicated Project Managers for large projects or multi-site roll-outs?

Our Answer: NAVCO has dedicated Project Managers that are brought into all large projects and multi-site roll outs ensuring
that our customers know what to expect and our installations run smoothly. Our goal is to make every installation a success by saving time, money and minimizing your stress.

9. Has your integrator provided you with a recent technology roadmap so that you
can establish your plan for 2021-2022?

Our Answer: NAVCO holds annual account review meetings with our customers to assess their satisfaction with the work we have done over the past year, what new projects the customer might have coming up and we review the technology
and provide a roadmap to keep the technology current while addressing all of your changing business needs…

10. Why does working with an Employee-Owned company benefit you?

Our Answer: NAVCO has been an employee-owned company since 2015. All of our employee-owners are personally invested
in delivering the highest level of customer service possible. We understand that earning and keeping your business is
important. And the highest compliment you can pay us is to refer us to your business colleagues.

The NAVCO Difference

If you are looking for a business security system and a reliable partner to help guide you along the way, NAVCO stands out among the rest.  We invest in superior training and focus on the processes that provide intelligent solutions across the electronic security landscape. Hard to believe? Don’t take it from us, take it from our clients who have repeatedly chosen to partner with us year after year. Our top 20 customers have been with NAVCO for an average of 9 years. And with a 99% customer retention rate, NAVCO is proud of the relationships we’ve built. 

Trusted by national leaders and small businesses alike.

5 Stars
“The systems we put in place and the support I received has tremendously reduced my stress and helped simplify logistics. I will be forever grateful to NAVCO.”
David P.
5 Stars
Extremely professional courteous employees. The knowledgeable staff educated me to make the proper decisions to ensure that my assets were secured.
Bob D.
5 Stars
“We relied on NAVCO’s expertise and knowledge. They got to know our business and recommended the best solution. We’ve been thrilled with the results ever since.”
Jane A.

Why NAVCO? We get it right the first time.

We have the capability to repair or service almost any non-proprietary security system on the market today. When your electronic security system is not performing as it should, you can count on NAVCO to fix the problem and let you get back to what matters most, managing your business. On average, we send our technicians on 1.1 trips for every service call, which means that they rarely have to return to a site for parts or other requirements that take more of your time. For most  of our competitors, a single service call requires a technician to be dispatched an average of 3 trips per service call, costing your company more time, money, and resources.

Schedule a 15 minute call to discover if NAVCO is right for you.