Could your hotel use more peace of mind?

Our solutions will help you secure your hotel, see what you have been missing and analyze more data than ever before.

NAVCO Supports The Hospitality Industry

The results speak for themselves. Learn how NAVCO transformed this Hospitality Industry's security system operations.


We Know Hospitality

NAVCO understands the unique requirements in the hospitality industry, especially those companies who offer high-end services and need to exceed expectations. Our clients recognize the necessity for security specialists when making important decisions about their guests' and employees' security.

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Meeting New Challenges

The hospitality industry is facing new challenges in the wake of tragedies in Las Vegas and elsewhere. We work with hotels and resorts who are interested in rising to these new challenges and bringing their electronic security to the next level.

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Be Everywhere (Almost)

Combine CCTV with the latest sensor and trip line technology which will help you analyze movement and take care of your facilities like never before.

  • Perimeter security
  • Pool area alerts
  • Slips and trips
  • Broken window sensors
  • Vehicle damage
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VIP Guests and Valet Service

When high-profile guests visit your premises, we provide the peace of mind that you are providing world-class resources to ensure that their safety and property is secure. Also, if your organization has ever had to compensate guests for vehicle damage on your premises, then you know how valuable an optimized security system could be in preventing unnecessary loss.

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The NAVCO Difference

NAVCO provides superior service because we operate differently from our competitors. We realize that most local and regional businesses do not have a loss prevention department or in-house security team. Our clients can rest assured that their security integrator truly knows their business, their needs and their goals. Do it right the first time with NAVCO's Outsourced Loss Prevention Team.

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