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The Great Game of Business

In the “Great Game of Business”, it is important to provide a valuable service to society, make a difference in someone’s life, and try to have some fun while doing it. In 1971 NAVCO started its existence as “New England Video” by a young upstart by the name of Mike Parker.  He went to the […]

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Fever Cameras and Silver Bullets

As CEOs and corporate security executives you are now called to provide leadership in how to open our businesses up while making it as safe as possible for everyone. Cameras that have the ability to detect the temperature on the surface of someone’s skin seems to be all the rage today. I look to these […]

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Alarm Company, You’re Fired!

Alarm Company, You’re Fired! No matter if you like or dislike Donald Trump, you have to give him credit for being able to make tons of money off of the simple phrase “You’re Fired” with his past TV show, the Apprentice. Why was it so popular? Well, because when someone was not doing their best, […]

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