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October 16, 2020

School Security Systems: New Challenges and On-Going Problems

As the short-term future of in-person education remains uncertain for many school districts due to COVID-19, schools will continue to face new challenges as they work to ensure the safety of their students, faculty, and staff. These challenges are complicated by the constantly changing impact of the virus and the corresponding response from local and state officials. We will explore how a school security system can support schools during this time.

Moving forward there seem to be two primary scenarios which schools need to prepare for in order to safely reopen.

COVID-19 Scenario 1

Schools are closed which means that there are less people to help keep campuses safe and secure.

Schools that remain on a distance learning schedule will have their campus largely empty but will still have faculty and staff around for administrative work. The lack of people in some ways makes a school more vulnerable since there are less eyes and ears alerted for criminal activity.

COVID-19 Scenario 2

Schools are open, and administrators need to ensure that they have security measures in place to monitor activity on school security systems and ensure that the best safety practices are being implemented. It’s difficult to know if students and faculty are following safety precautions or not as prescribed by school guidelines.

On-going Concerns About School Security

In addition to concerns over COVID-19 here are some of the unique concerns that face many schools:

  • Student physical safety
  • Pick-up/drop-off areas – possible student abduction
  • Intrusion to school premises – both during and after school hours
  • Vandalism, arson and burglary from external and internal sources
  • Active shooter situations
  • Car crime

As your school gauges what issues are most important, here are some key features that you will want to look out for while assessing your school security system.

School Security Systems With 4k Video

Video is one of the most valuable assets for a school security system. The ability to see what is happening across campus in real time or to review footage anytime matters when you need it most. Schools have found that there are heightened vulnerabilities when students are coming and going to campus which raises the potential for abductions or intrusions.

Control Movement Almost Instantly with School Security Systems

Active shooters on school campuses are now a reality that we have to address. As far as school security systems are concerned, there are clear benefits to a well planned access control system for schools. Namely, security or administrators can lock down an entire campus in a very short amount of time and from almost anywhere when connected to the internet. Limiting access to threats quickly is one of the most valuable advantages a school can have in these situations.

Other key features that will prove to be useful in non-threatening situations as well:

Visitor Management

Make it easy for visitors or vendors to access your campus quickly and easily with an optimized school security system.


Secure your entire premises with a single tap. Lockdown enables your team to stop the movement of people quickly.

Mobile Credentials

Now your smartphone can replace fobs, keys, and keycards so you never have to worry about issuing or replacing new credentials if lost or if an employee leaves your school.

Remote Access

Similarly, remote access allows you to manage your school security system wherever you have a mobile device. This is an extremely valuable feature when there is an alarm in the middle of the night or during extreme weather. Administrators with these systems no longer have to necessarily show up on the premises when an alarm is triggered, and furthermore they are able to assess the situation with integrated camera footage in real-time. Clients have also found remote access systems are valuable when it is difficult or impossible to get to your campus due to deep snow, flooding, severe storms etc.

School Security System Case Study

A private school, located in a busy and affluent part of Santa Monica, CA, was using an outdated school security system with analog video surveillance and a click-to-release door access system.

  • Lack of quality video was preventing the school staff from making positive ID of individuals of interest around campus.
  • No coverage of student pickup/drop-off areas was making it a high-risk area for possible abductions
  • Inability to manage, view, or export from a single platform made responding to incidents and getting footage to the police an arduous and time consuming task.
  • Not having the ability to track people coming in and out of school during and after school hours left the campus’, teachers, staff and students vulnerable

Read the case study here


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