Paul Spruiell

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August 14, 2020

Why is Commercially Rated Security Equipment So Much More Expensive than Consumer Rated Equipment?

At NAVCO, we get asked this question all the time by potential prospects who are understandably price conscious about what they are spending on security equipment. The answer is simple: You get what you pay for! Commercially rated NVR’s and cameras are made better than something you can buy from your local big box retailer, or from most of the famous websites.

How do I know the quality is better? Because NAVCO is a service-oriented company, and we have a vast body of experience regarding which products last, and which require frequent repairs. We partner with the best of the best vendors that offer quality products that we can certify technicians on. Our technicians are trained and are often able to make the repairs in the field instead of removing the product should something go down. The quality of the equipment is represented in the lifecycle of said equipment. The equipment we install is made to potentially last for 7-10 years.  If anything, improvements in technology over time will prompt you to switch to something newer before the actual need arises to replace equipment.

Warranties are another issue you would have to deal with yourself, should you decide to go down the road of buying consumer grade equipment. You will have to try and get through the Big Boy’s websites to see if they even offer a warranty, assuming you didn’t pay extra for their extended warranty at the time of purchase.  And if you do have a warranty, you will still have to navigate the company’s unique process of hoops that you have to jump through to get your equipment replaced, after first sending your equipment back for them to evaluate and decide if they will repair or replace… and who knows how long that might take?

Our commercial grade equipment usually comes with a 3 multi-year manufacturers’ warranty from almost every manufacturer. For most of our systems, we provide a first-year warranty on labor and after that year is up, we only bill for labor when we come out to fix an issue. For additional peace of mind, we offer labor warranties of 2, 3 or 5 years for maximum system protection. We take on the responsibility to send any broken parts back to the manufacturer and get you a replacement under that warranty at no cost, getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Should you buy an extended-term warranty or service contract? Extended warranties do provide some peace of mind from knowing that you will never receive a bill during the extended duration and that we have you covered. I recall purchasing a dishwasher from a big box retailer and I declined the extended warranty. As you can guess, the darn thing broke a short 14 months later.  The service call to fix it was going to cost more than I paid for the dishwasher. So, if you’re wondering if I bought an extended warranty on the next dishwasher, the answer is, “Yes”!