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Aligning Your Business Security With Your Business Strategy

At NAVCO, we do much more than install business security systems. We partner with you to understand your unique challenges, requirements, goals and environments. Then we customize a security solution that protects and maximizes your current security system investments, while preparing for emerging technologies as well as your future growth.

Combining best-in-class security technologies, industry-leading expertise and responsive service you won’t find anywhere else, NAVCO connects you to the business security solutions that:

  • Protect and maximize your human resources, improving safety and morale
  • Safeguard your business assets from fraud, theft, misuse or damage
  • Reduce risk, limit liability and lower the costs associated with both
  • Anticipate and prepare for future growth without requiring a complete re-engineering of your security systems
  • Leverage and protect your current technology investments by integrating them into our solutions
  • Guarantee your complete satisfaction with warrantied equipment and labor
  • Identify and capture opportunities for increased savings and revenue
  • Reduce costly shrink loss and protect inventory

NAVCO’s Proven Process: Driven By Your Business Security Needs

More than an electronic security vendor, NAVCO serves as your value-added expert partner, dedicated to ensuring your business security solutions are aligned with your overall business strategy. We do this by implementing The NAVCO Process, proven to maximize the return on our customers’ security system investments.

ASSESSMENT: Our knowledgeable security system specialists ensure that NAVCO understands your specific challenges and goals before we make a single recommendation.

STRATEGY: Based on our assessment, we work with your senior management team to analyze and evaluate your current assets, develop a cost-benefit analysis, and identify budget parameters.

VISION: We'll help you develop a long-term security system vision that's aligned with your business goals. Then we'll build a cost-effective, practical plan to get there.

FUTURE-PROOFING: Our recommendations are aimed at maximizing your existing technology investments while moving you toward a next-generation solution with long-term value and scale to meet future growth projections.

CUSTOM DESIGN, PROJECT MANAGEMENT & IMPLEMENTATION: We custom design a security solution that integrates the best mix of technologies and services for each client. We then provide expert project management for every phase of implementation, including security system installation, to ensure completion on time and on budget.

TRAINING: We'll train your security team to make the best use of your security system integration, while also making the best use of their time.

SUPPORT: Our role as your partner doesn't end once the solution has been implemented. We ensure the optimal performance and uptime of your security system with convenient, remote administration and diagnostics.

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Security Systems Designed Around Your Specific Needs

Whether you’re looking to install and integrate business security systems in one corporate location, multiple sites, or across multiple states, NAVCO is your single, expert source for your complete business security needs. Our multi-site, custom-engineered business security solutions provide the total protection you need to run your operation smoothly and grow your business securely.

During the consultative process, our NAVCO experts make sure they thoroughly assess and understand your current security technologies, challenges and goals, unique requirements and environment as well as your anticipated future growth and evolving needs. Then, using our innovative system design approach and state-of-the-art equipment, our engineers and technicians expertly configure and customize a unique security solution that works for you today and tomorrow.

We offer the full scope of capabilities to design systems that integrate business CCTV, HD video security systems, POS business security mapping, commercial security video, and more. We’ll also ensure your configured systems operate at peak performance and maximize your investment with ongoing services that let you stay focused on your core competencies.

Project Management For Maximum Success

NAVCO provides project management at every stage of project implementation. For larger, multi-site projects, this includes ongoing status reports that keep the client informed of the project's progress. Our expert project management allows us to meet critical timeframes, improve efficiencies, control costs, and maximize success.

When your business security challenges and goals require more than one system, NAVCO will expertly manage the seamless integration of multiple solutions, unifying them into a single standard. We’ll help you determine the most effective mix of technologies, design and plan an integrated solution that extends across multiple locations, and ensure our systems work with your current technology investments for extended life and functionality.

Large oil retailer reduced costs through remote security system access.

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The Right Products Backed by Installation Expertise

NAVCO provides customized, integrated business security solutions that protect your profits while also providing long-term protection against ever-changing technologies. At NAVCO, we offer the best of both worlds: leading-edge commercial expertise backed by industry-leading service.

With the industry’s leading experts, our technicians know how to install your systems quickly, efficiently and properly the first time around — with no supervision on your part required, and with minimal disruption to your business operations. NAVCO's installation expertise extends across a wide spectrum of security technology, products and services including:

  • Access Control
  • HD Megapixel & IP Video Camera
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Network Video Recorders
  • Multi-Site and Custom Solutions
  • Alarms
  • Remote Guard Services
  • Remote Police Dispatch
  • Remote System Diagnostics
  • Remote System Administration
  • Video Archiving (Long Term)
  • Software & Interface Design

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600 Re-Engineered DVRs Keep Pet Specialty Retailer Healthy.

Capture Much More Than Footage

Turn your business security system into a powerful business intelligence tool. NAVCO offers video analytics that captures and delivers a wealth of data to help you drive smarter, faster, more profitable business decisions. Embedded into IP cameras, encoders and hybrid NVRs, video analytics software captures a wide range of events in real-time, then sends you email and text alerts the instant a specific event occurs. This allows you to quickly assess and respond to activities that may be putting your people, assets and profits in jeopardy.

Beyond added security, video analytics software allows you to monitor and track customer as well as employee behaviors. With increased visibility into your operations, you’ll be able to identity opportunities and act on them more quickly.

Control Who Has Access To Your Network

Protecting your business also means protecting the network that keeps your business connected and running. Today’s businesses confront a wide range of threats from hackers and malicious entities trying to access networks. Passwords and biometrics can only go so far to protect your network from unauthorized access. Hackers are using increasingly sophisticated ways to get around firewalls and falsify credentials.

Let NAVCO provide an added layer of security to prevent unauthorized network access that can put your sensitive data at risk, wreak havoc on your operations, and cost your company millions of dollars. Our Physical Building Access Control systems communicate intelligently with your network security system to identify the exact location of every employee and limit network access to only those users who have the proper credential and who are where they’re supposed to be.

Large oil retailer reduced costs through remote security system access.

Amalgamated reduces downtime and data loss.

Market chain declares NAVCO Tops in Security.

Focus On Running Your Business, Not Managing Your Security System

You have a business to run — and to protect. You also have limited resources to do it. At NAVCO, we provide a wide range of remote monitoring and management services that allow you to remain focused on your daily business operations and maximize your internal resources.

With NAVCO’s remote services, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your business security systems will stay up and running and at peak capacity. You’ll also be able to reduce your staffing requirements, service phone calls, overhead costs and liability.

Remote Monitoring

Our teams of experts use powerful software platforms to remotely and automatically monitor, diagnose and fix your security hardware, including alarms, around the clock. The instant we detect an issue with your security systems, we’ll alert you of the problem, then act quickly to fix it remotely — no staff needed to supervise onsite technicians. We’ll also provide you with robust summary reports of all our remote monitoring, diagnoses and fixes so you can track the health of your security systems.

Remote Monitoring services include:

  • Equipment and video health checks
  • Monthly uptime reports
  • Audits of picture quality
  • Bumped camera video analytics
  • Access control remote programming
  • Alarm system remote programming and monitoring
  • Door control and enterprise access control

Remote Diagnostic Dispatch Service

If we can’t fix your security system issue remotely, our Dispatch Service will send a NAVCO specialist to your site to fix it in person, quickly and efficiently. We have 95% first-call fix-it rate — the best in our industry. Our priority is to get your system back up and running before it impacts your business performance or bottom line.

JP Morgan Chase Recruits Team NAVCO for its Championship Growth.

600 Re-Engineered DVRs Keep Pet Specialty Retailer Healthy.

Trust NAVCO’s 95% First-Time Fix Rate To Keep You Up And Running

NAVCO protects your business security system investments by providing unrivaled service and improved security system uptime. Highly trained on the technologies we provide, NAVCO service representatives typically respond within four hours of a service call for more than 90% of cases. With a 95% first-time fix rate and the right equipment on hand, we reduce the number of service trips and get our clients' security systems up and running quickly.

Our inventory management system, coupled with product pre-staging for each project, ensure the problem gets fixed on-site the first time. We keep track of every product in your network, and make sure our service trucks are stocked with the components you use. It’s called the NAVCO Smarts & Parts advantage, and it allows us to deliver:

  • Faster response times and quicker service
  • Expertise to get the job done right, the first time
  • Minimal disruption to your operations
  • Reduced downtime

We offer flexible annual service contracts, as well as pay-per-call contracts, to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

Large oil retailer reduced costs through remote security system access.

Amalgamated reduces downtime and data loss.

Market chain declares NAVCO Tops in Security.