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Super HD Video

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Executive Analytics

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Cloud-Based Access

  • Browser-Based Management – Merge all your video surveillance needs into a single integrated platform.
  • On-Demand Surveillance Access – Monitor HD camera footage anytime, anywhere.
  • Remote Door Access – Eliminate unnecessary trips to open doors for employees, vendors or guests.

Super HD Video

  • HD cameras will provide sharp camera footage that will not leave you guessing.
  • Event triggering ties video to a certain analytic, such as a POS transaction, crossing a virtual trip line, a motion trigger, etc., making it possible to quickly review video footage and easily find the desired video incident at a later time or date.
  • IP cameras give you high resolution, reducing the number of cameras needed for effective coverage and the scalability to add cameras to your system as your needs change.

Outsourced Loss Prevention

Many companies do not have the resources to staff a full loss prevention department, but NAVCO can be your trusted loss prevention partner that advises your company on any security-related issue, including camera placement, analytics, access control and more. Why? Because NAVCO has the experience of working with thousands of retail, bank and logistic locations operated by the world’s largest businesses.

Executive Analytics

  • Use Analytics – Get actionable data that will help you make informed decisions about your business.
  • Automatically track how people and vehicles interact on your premises.
  • Object identification will recognize people, license plates, vehicles and more.
  • Receive alerts based upon real-time events.
  • Heat mapping will track your customer traffic for improved marketing results.

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