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Partners With Proven Technology Leaders

Partners With Proven Technology Leaders

NAVCO partners with the leading security technology innovators to bring you smart security solutions that meet both current and future needs. Our security systems feature next generation cameras and analytics that enhance your ability to capture and leverage video, access control and alarm evidence.

The Advantages of an Enterprise-Grade Security System

Just as there is a difference between a cell phone camera and a professional broadcasting camera, there are differences between cheap video security systems, and enterprise-grade solutions installed by security professionals. An enterprise-grade security system offers many advantages, including the ability to:

  • Consolidate, manage and categorize video across all your locations throughout the USA
  • Empower management to use video as a tool in loss prevention and operations management
  • Provide network security to prevent hacks
  • Proactively manage your business-leveraging insights gained from video analytics
  • Enjoy installation, programing and remote management performed by security experts

Benefits of Megapixel Cameras

Pixels are used to define the level of clarity an image has. The more pixels it has, the clearer the image. Hence, megapixel cameras are ideal for equipping your enterprise security system with:

Superior Images: Megapixel cameras provide crystal-clear color images that are superior in quality to all other cameras, including HD.

Efficient Coverage: Because a single megapixel-camera can provide greater detail over a larger area, fewer cameras are required to securely monitor a specific zone.

Expanded Capabilities: Megapixel cameras enable management to zoom in on peoples' faces, license plates and other images essential for analyzing evidence of what really happened.

Recording Devices -
Onsite and Cloud Offerings

Today's smart video recording devices can route information to the right people quickly. For example, when an event happens and needs to be documented, immediately investigated, or people need to be mobilized because of it, your video device can serve as a first-alert system. NAVCO video servers can be programmed to automatically send live video feeds to various team members via email or other apps, enabling people to respond to a variety of events quickly.

NAVCO Time to Resolution

Our experts get it right the first time, and, when service is needed, it rarely takes more than one trip from our technicians to solve your problems. Put us to the test and learn why our customers enjoy our 1.1 time to resolution ratio compared to the industry average of 3.0.