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Experts Partnering with Experts

No one knows business security technology better than NAVCO's specialists. We know what to look for in a technology, as well as the company behind that technology. Partnering with the leading security technology innovators, we bring our clients the latest business security solutions, customized to meet current and future business needs. This includes the next generation of all-IP systems, high definition IP cameras and video analytics that enhance our clients' ability to capture, access and leverage video evidence. Learn more about our partners.

Sharing Our Knowledge

At NAVCO, we’re more than a business security system vendor. We are a trusted advisor with over 40 years of industry experience. While connecting our clients to best-in-breed business security technology, we also connect them to the latest information, resources and tools to help them make the best decisions for their business security.

Here in our Knowledge Center, you’ll find a wealth of information and insights into the different technologies available, as well as their advantages.


Some of today's new security cameras have the brainpower to analyze the scene and actually identify when a person is in the field of view, or if a car or a suspicious package has been left behind. Intelligent cameras allow a security professional to be in charge of hundreds of camera views, yet focus only on those areas of concern.

Bonus: Have you ever wanted to record pictures of only people, and throw away all the others so you are keeping only what is important? Now you can.

Why Enterprise?

For the same reason there is a big difference between a camera in your cell phone and the camera used professionally for movie production or broadcasting, there are simple video security systems that can be purchased at Costco, and Enterprise-grade solutions that allow a company to consolidate, manage and categorize video so that it becomes a loss prevention and operational management tool for senior management. If all you want is a basic video camera installed for the remote chance of a robbery, buy a cheap system from Costco. If your business has evolved to where you have complicated needs, specific network limitations, while wanting the ability to proactively manage your business through technology, then an Enterprise system designed, installed, programmed and remotely managed by NAVCO should be considered.

Why Mega Pixel?

Today in our homes, almost everyone has moved to HD television. HD stands for High Definition. High Definition is better than the old stuff because the picture quality is so much better. MEGA PIXEL technology is so much better in picture quality as compared to your home HD quality. The challenge, when deploying cameras that may be 5 or 10 times better than home High Definition, is managing the huge file size of a single image and storing that image for long periods of time. The challenge involves network utilization, multidepartment coordination for bandwidth and storage capabilities for long-term archiving, and that archive inventory management system. All of our Enterprise customers need to strategically deploy this new technology so they can better run their business, but they also need to understand the pros and cons of this new technology. NAVCO, as your trusted advisor on deploying these technologies, is there to help you be successful in the deployment with your partners within your organization, as well as with law enforcement.

Recording Devices

Some of today's recording devices have evolved to include information routing to their list of features. When something happens, sometimes it needs to be documented, other times immediately investigated and still other times others need to be mobilized because of it.

Today's new video servers can automatically send live video feeds to different people on your team via email, Blackberry or iPad applications. Now those who need the information can have access to it and respond to it as required, because today’s recording technology can identify and distribute information intelligently.

Logical Access to Computer Networks

Stopping hackers from accessing corporate networks is a constant battle. Unauthorized access can cost your company millions of dollars. Passwords and biometrics have been around for years to try to keep hackers out, but they still attempt to get in by falsifying these credentials from a computer far away and outside of corporate firewalls.

New Physical Building Access Control systems can tell your network security system EXACTLY where every employee is, allowing your network security system to only allow access to the network if the person has the proper credentials AND is where they are supposed to be.

NAVCO Support Team

NAVCO employees and technology partners are experts in designing solutions to help you do more with security technology than you may be doing already, empowering staff to achieve and accomplish more because of these new innovations.

NAVCO 95% First-Time Fix Rate Service

NAVCO has a 95% first-time fix rate, the industry’s best, ensuring that your business security systems stay up and running at peak performance. We offer a range of remote diagnostics to save on travel costs and staff supervision. We also provide on-site diagnosis for issues that can’t be fixed remotely. Learn more here.

Trends & Options

Renting Vs. Owning

Stay ahead of technology while staying on budget. Renting allows you to access state-of-the-art systems at a competitive monthly rate without making a hefty upfront investment. By renting instead of buying your security systems, you’ll be able to keep your technology always current, saving you the cost of purchasing equipment that could become obsolete within the next few years. Be sure to look for vendors who provide rental agreements that include remote monitoring and diagnosis, operational status reports and onsite maintenance to get the greatest return on your investment.

Remote Monitoring Trends

Increasing numbers of organizations are turning to remote monitoring for their business security systems. With remote monitoring, companies outsource the management and administration of their security systems to outside vendors. The advantages of this include lower staff requirements, reduced travel expenses and time, and fewer administrative burdens that free up your time and resources to dedicate elsewhere. To ensure remote monitoring truly makes sense for your company’s needs, it’s important to choose a solutions provider with the proven expertise and internal resources to remotely manage sophisticated security systems. Learn more about NAVCO’s Remote Monitoring services.