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Capture Much More Than Footage

Turn your enterprise security system into a powerful business intelligence tool. NAVCO offers video analytics that captures and delivers a wealth of data to help you drive smarter, faster, more profitable business decisions. Embedded into IP cameras, encoders and hybrid NVRs, video analytics software captures a wide range of events in real time, then sends you email and text alerts the instant a specific event occurs. This allows you to quickly assess and respond to activities that may be putting your people, assets and profits in jeopardy.

Beyond added security, video analytics software allows you to monitor and track customer as well as employee behaviors. With increased visibility into your operations, you’ll be able to identify opportunities and act on them more quickly.

Control Who Has Access to Your Network

Protecting your business also means protecting the network that keeps your business connected and running. Today’s businesses confront a wide range of threats from hackers and malicious entities trying to access networks. Passwords and biometrics can only go so far to protect your network from unauthorized access. Hackers are using increasingly sophisticated ways to get around firewalls and falsify credentials.

Let NAVCO provide an added layer of security to prevent unauthorized network access that can put your sensitive data at risk, wreak havoc on your operations and cost your company millions of dollars. Our Physical Building Access Control systems communicate intelligently with your network security system to identify the exact location of every employee and limit network access to only those users who have the proper credential and who are where they’re supposed to be.