NAVCO is looking to hire an Installation Representative to work out of our Corporate office in Anaheim, CA.

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Your Investment is Secure

With over 40 years of experience in the electronic security intregration industry, we understand that cost plays a major role in corporate decision-making. With that in mind, we offer a number of cost advantages to help you maximize the value of your business security systems while managing your expenditures.

Lower Staff Requirements

We provide complete management of projects, eliminating the need for additional costly staff supervision. When your company needs to save time and money without skimping on standards, NAVCO experts can rapidly design and execute quality system enhancements.

Passing the Savings to You

Our nationwide presence allows for increased buying power from our equipment vendors. We leverage this power to secure the equipment you need at a very competitive rate, then pass these savings along to you.

Rent Vs. Buy

Stay ahead of technology while staying on budget. NAVCO offers a range of flexible rental services that allow you to access state-of-the-art systems at a competitive monthly rate. We’ll keep your technology current, saving you the cost of purchasing equipment that could become obsolete within the next few years. Rental services include remote monitoring and diagnosis, operational status reports, and onsite maintenance.

Protecting Your Current Investments

NAVCO can work with your existing business security system, providing valuable upgrades, allowing for future growth, while also protecting your current investments. As the best corporate security system integrator in the industry, we’ll work with your existing infrastructure to lower your total cost of ownership. What’s more, we’ll fix, acquire parts and support that infrastructure, even when the original manufacturer no longer does.