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The U.S. White House and Security

Recently, I toured the White House, when a friend was on the Secret Service presidential detail. He made a thoughtful remark about security, “Cameras and alarms are merely the “remoting” of a trained professional’s eyes and ears that allow their own intelligence to reach further. If the person operating the technology is not using it […]

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“Peta Cloud” talk at the next Board meeting

Our typical customer is managing multiple sites and multiple systems, usually with 50-5000 locations spread out across the country, all with recording devices with 2+ Terabyte hard drives in them.  So… time you are invited to the Board of Directors or Shareholders meeting and you are asked what your plan is to move everything “to […]

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Pick a vendor that delivers peace of mind, not embarrassment

Ever been embarrassed in front of your boss when an incident happens and your systems didn’t work as they were supposed to? The fact of the matter is that these embarrassments can now be completely avoided with the selection of the right technology and the right service vendor to back them up.   In the old […]

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